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Hello bookends!  I am Annie and I am attempting this little thing called blogging.  My blog will be about a very specific area.  BOOKS.  Duh.  More specifically paranormal books.    My motivation for this Blog is my upcoming vacation in August.  Me and the girls will be headed to the Big Easy for Author’s After Dark Summer Camp!  This has started a flurry of excitement and an incredibly long spreadsheet of authors and books, made by yours truly.   So upon realizing how many books I needed to attempt to read I thought.  Holly shit!  I should be reviewing and grading these books!  So now you know the thought process of my little project.  I am really excited and hope you all enjoy my ranting, raving, and various other degrees of opinions.   On a side note you comment on typos and spelling at your own risk.  You have been warned!

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