Third Grave Dead Ahead, by Darynda Jones

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Third Grave Dead Ahead is the third book of the Grave series.

Charley Davidson is The Reaper.  Albeit, not your stereotypical kind.  Charley is a self employed PI           who works out of an office above her fathers bar.  Charley helps the local law enforcement solve cases    by working side by side with her uncle.  Charley has a slight advantage over other investigators.   She can communicate with the departed that have remained here.

Charley’s life in this book is much more dangerous, but she looses none of her sass.  Third Grave Dead Ahead is filled with action, emotions, and lots of snark.  The characters are really coming more and more to life with each book.  Charley’s life changes a lot in this book and reality is not the easiest pill to swallow.

I really did love this book!  I am falling in love with the charters and I was very happy Ms. Jones that you did not kill a certain somebody off!  =)  I was upset for a minute, but I am OK now.  This series is gaining a depth that I am certainly getting addicted too!

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