A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang

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In A Brush of Darkness Abby’s life has recently changed.  Dramatically.  With the recent loss of her    mother Abby somehow gets thrown into a whole new reality.  A world with doors to other worlds, beings, and where dreams can be reality.   Abby tries to be cautious when navigating this new reality, but it is hard to do with a gorgeous succubus who needs her help.    Abby begins to learn more about herself and what she is during her journey and has the help of several friends along the way.   Many of these friends are disappearing, including her employer, Moira whom she is a Touchstone for.  Moira and other non-human races need a Touchstone to remain in our plane long term without negative effects.  She must find who is taking the people she cares about before it is too late.

A Brush of Darkness in the beginning felt as if I was missing a few chapters.  How exactly did she end up where she was?  I am still not sure, however. …. i still loved it.  I really like the originality of the characters and the world Abby lives in.  Brystion (Succubus gorgeousness) was a great character that you were not sure if you trusted, but couldn’t help falling in love with.  I absolutely loved the mini unicorn (i’m not saying anymore about that) and I really adored Abby.  Abby seemed to be quite traumatized and dealing with it how most of us deal with things.  We try to ignore and repress them of course!!

All in all this really was a good read and the more I think about all of the different dynamics I really cannot wait to get my hands on the second book!  This read will make you think and I appreciate that.

*rating to come later

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