Eye of the Tempest, by Nicole Peeler

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Eye of the Tempest by Nicole Peeler stars Jane True, a half silkie.  Jane has a destiny that even she is unsure she is ready for.  Jane and and her friends are being led to fight a war.  A war bigger then even Jane herself can imagine.  When a powerful and ancient being, with the power to destroy half of the eastern sea board (and possibly the world), awakes Jane must use her gut and heart to decide what is the right path.   Her friends and family are in danger and she must be the one to protect them.

I LOVE this whole series and so far, Eye of the Tempest is at the top of the list!   Jane True is a character that you love to love.  She is good through and through and always puts those she loves first.  Everyone should strive to be a little more like Jane!  Accept maybe her ability to get cock-blocked at every turn!  =)  Seriously!  She needs some kind of DND for the supes!  Jane and Anyan’s relationship has progressed….well except the cock-block issue previously mentioned!  The characters are well written, well formed, and I love them all!  Ms. Peeler has probably one of the biggest spectrum’s of personalities in one series that I have ever read!  There are bullys, pot heads, flaming lesbians, hot steamy men, and Jane’s libido has its own voice…….need I say more!  Bottom line is (in case its not obvious at this time)  LOVED IT and cannot wait until Tempest’s Fury is out in July….damn that sounds too far away!!!!

You can read more about this series and Nicole Peeler by visiting her website at http://www.nicolepeeler.com/

You can buy Eye of the Tempest at: http://www.amazon.com/Tempest-Jane-True-Nicole-Peeler/dp/0316128082


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