Jaguar’s Rule, by TJ Michaels

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Jaguar’s Rule by TJ Michaels takes place in the Brazilian jungle.

Aaron James finds himself in a jungle bed and breakfast at a sanctuary after he crash landed his plane.  Thanks to the beautiful Reya Daines and her resident doctor he is on the way to recovery.

Reya Daines is a jaguar shifter and very view people know her secret.   After several of the female jaguars are found killed she finds herself feeling uneasy.  Expecialy when she finds Aaron seriously injured in his plane crash and a male jaguar attempts to hinder her rescue mission.

TJ Michaels was on to something in this story.  It seems more often then not the shifter is often the dominate male.  In Jaguar’s Rule, that is not the case.  Reya is a shifter and a very strong character and women.  Aaron and her make a great Alpha pair and I loved the acceptance that Aaron has for who Reya is.  I did feel like this story was forced to be short and that there just seemed to be pieces missing that would have made the book more “full”.  However, that honestly did not take away from my enjoyment of this book.

I give Jaguar’s Rule by TJ Michaels 4 out of 5 Bullets  

This book does contain sex scenes

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