Trusting Delilah, by Diana Castilleja

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Trusting Delilah is book 1 in the Aiza Clan Wolf Shifters series by Diana Castilleja.

Few wolf shifters remain and Roman Aiza is one them.  He is everything a wolf would strive to be.  Strong, loyal, and determined.  Roman is a proud man and owns his own private security business.  The security business is top notch so when he finds a tall and beautiful women sneaking into an off-limit office during a party, he knows he has her at a disadvantage.  One should never make such assumptions.   Delilah is a force to be reckoned with, but his wolf doesn’t seem to care.  Roman is faced with a choice like no other.

Delilah Roman is a ghost in the system living a solitary life with no real connections outside of her relationship with her father.   After years of living as a shadow she is cold and disconnected, even from herself.  Can Roman melt her frozen walls?  Will Delilah be able to let go of her own fears and be able to give Roman her trust?  Will his own secret be a breaking point?

Trusting Delilah by Diana Castilleja had a great element of suspense.  I liked the back story that really wasn’t so much about the main characters as just life happening.  I felt that this element added a nice double feel to the book.  (suspense and romance) Although Roman is a wolf shifter the subject was really not at the forefront of this book and that surprised me.   The sexual chemistry between the characters I felt somewhat lacked heat for a romance novel.  However, the story and characters were very well written and I felt a connection with even the secondary characters!  I would recommend this book.  

I am rating this book a 3.5 out of 5 Bullets

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