Royal Street, by Suzanne Johnson

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Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson is the first book in the Sentinels of New Orleans series.

Drusilla Jaco is a junior wizard sentinel for New Orleans.  Her mentor and Uncle, Gerald St. Simon is the current Sentinel of New Orleans.  While in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Gerald turns up missing and it becomes her duty under the Elders to protect the boundaries of the Beyond and our world.  New Orleans has just been hit by the most destructive presence our nation has experienced in current times.   Her city is in ruins and the borders of the Beyond and New Orleans are crumbling along with it.  Drusilla must question everything she know’s about her own life and hope she can find answers in time to stop an ancient voodoo god from tearing down the boundaries that keep the Beyond in check.

The Elders have sent in an enforcer, Alexander Warin, to protect and aid her search for her mentor and current Sentinel of New Orleans.   Alex is bossy, stubborn, and is always loaded for bear, but she must admit that she needs his help in more way then one.

Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson was a beautifully written story.  It was a creative and unique blend of fictional and non-fictional characters and events that flowed into a seamless story of Pirates, Wizards and Voodoo……OH MY!  Royal Street begins just days before hurricane Katrina hits the coast.  The vivid imagery of the destruction caused by hurricane Katrina at times brought tears to my eyes, but the overall feel of the book was not sad.   Suzanne’s sense of humor was quick and witty, even the first page had me cracking up.  Drusilla Jaco goes through a lot in this book and her reality changes so much I can’t wait for the 2nd book! This was a wonderful way to start off a series and it left me wanting more!

Warning:  This book may cause uncontrollable late night reading episodes!!

I rate Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson 4.5 out of 5 Bullets

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  1. smittenwithbadboyheroes

    Only 1 more week to wait!!! Really looking forward to this one as I’m going on Suzanne’s Katrina tour at the AAD CON. Thanks for sharing!!

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