Motor City Mage, by Cindy Spencer Pape

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Motor City Mage by Cindy Spencer Pape is the 4th installment in the Urban Arcana Series.

Des is investigating a demon created drug spilling onto the streets of Detroit.  His job for the League policing paranormal’s can be a dangerous one, but it is his life.  He has spent some time avoiding Lana.  She is strong, bold, feisty, and damn sexy and he has a hard time thinking right when she is around.  Of course, avoiding her fails and after they are approached by a demon that deepens suspicions Des has had about the Detroit director for the League, Des and Lana decide to take the issue into their own hands.  This lands them into another world, literally.   Fighting their way out of a demon prison and unfamiliar worlds brings them closer than either of them would like to admit.

Motor City Mage hit all the right spots.  It was a wonderfully formed urban fantasy world that I could not pull myself out of.  I cannot freakin’ believe that I have not stumbled upon these books before now!   I almost never start a series with a last book, but by the first chapter I didn’t care.  At. All.  Des was strong, sexy, determined, and serious.  Lana is fun, cheerful, stubborn, and vivacious.  They were an awesome Alpha kick ass team!  I really enjoyed the world building in this book.  I have a tendency to lean towards sci-fi, but i always miss…well lets face it..i miss the sex and romance.  Motor City Mage has fixed this whole in my collection.  The world’s Cindy created were vivid, hot, and original.  The chemistry between Des and Lana was turned on high heat and It made for a great book.  Cindy didn’t fall short on any aspect.  Even coming into this series on the last book I didn’t feel that I was lost or missing pieces and that is just pretty impressive!  Trust me on this, I will be ordering the first 3 books of this series as soon as I can!

I rate Motor City Mage by Cindy Spencer Pape 4.5 out of 5 Bullets!

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