Magic Mike & Vintage Shopping Expedition

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So Saturday was girls day.  The plan went something like this – Vintage Shopping in Dallas from 10-3, then  4 pm Magic Mike at the awesome Ipic theater (seriously mixed drinks, food, and recliners..need I say more?).

Well Vintage shopping was a bust. For 2 reasons.  #1 If you are larger then a Medium you are fucked.  Basically everything is for small people so going vintage shopping when you are NOT a medium or smaller is almost impossible!  #2 apparently if you classify your shop as vintage you can charge a lot more than the Salvation Army….. So although the store’s were awesome when you are searching for specific clothing it is challenging and I have little patience and most of it was really overpriced.  I did discover some truly awesome stores, but I was looking for something specific and even the awesome stores didn’t have it..or well it was WAY to small or WAY to expensive.  (below jacket was almost $200)

The trouble began on the drive between vintage shopping (I mentioned we were in Dallas right…West End area) and the Movies (Fairview – about 30 minutes North of Dallas).  So we are in Dallas traffic…of course…and wouldnt you know my car starts to overheat.  This is a scary situation! There is not a lot of shoulder off of the highway and well..its scary!  Oh, and if you think the fact that both me and the Bestie are married to auto mechanics would be at all beneficial to our situation you would be sadly mistaken!!  But, of course I call the DH who wants to know why I am in Dallas…really did I need to give you an itinerary of  my locations while I am shopping and do we need to discuss this now?!!??! So the desision is made to wait until the car cools off then go from there.  It does cool off and after a discussion with both of the DH mechanics we descide we just want to get to the damn movie!  Seriously they have liquor and its fucking Magic Mike and we paid for the tickets already!  SO I used it to my see the theater is 1/2 way between Dallas and home.  So I have a genius ideo..we will make it the theater or break down trying, we won’t run the A/C, then after the movie the car will be cooled off enough for me check the fluids.  He goes for it.  YAY.  We do just that.  We walk into heaven….the Ipic Cinema…it is cold..they have alcohol…we are fucking excited!  So we hang out for about an hour until the movie starts.  I mean you see the pictures…its awesome.   We ordered was the best calamari I have ever had…seriously!




Look how comfortable I look – in a RECLINER.  With a BLANKET!



Magic Mike – So DUH it is filled with male hawtness…seriously Channing Tatum can move and well Matthew McConaughey and Joe Mangienllo are just nice to look at no matter what they are doing.  The plot of the movie did get a little lost at some point and the romance wasn’t strong enough to justify the end.  The overall feel of the movie was kinda sad.  The culture and what goes along with it – hard drugs – is just that.  I think they did a good job portraying that.  That being said the movie overall was really quite good.  The old ladies in the 2 seats next to us were hilarious and the energy in the theatre was just awesome!  So I am in NO way a movie reviewer and I will totally be buying this on DVD.  and now for your viewing pleasure……

FYI – the car now runs like a champ with no A/C and we made it home safe and sound and stayed up most of the night drinking slippery nipples *awesome*

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