Poetry & Blasts From the Past – A Random Thought

July 13, 2012 Uncategorized 2

Sometimes I put random thoughts into blog posts so everyone has evidence of my weirdness.  In writing.   Here is one of those installments.

I thought this was appropriate since..it is Friday the 13th *cue creepy music*

So a strange thing happened to me the other day.  I am sure this has happened to most of you at some point.  A blast from my past showed up.  I don’t mean like a tiny blast either as in hand grenade.  This was epic proportions big.  Super-Nova even.

Have you guessed?  Well if you guessed High school sweetheart you would be correct.  Now mine is probably a lot longer story than some, but I will summarize.   Basically we were exclusive between 8th grade (i think) and Jr year of High School.   Somehow we reunite after I graduated and I go 1/2 way across the states to be with him.  We come back with a plus 1 (his best friend – female).  See – I am so awesome and secure that It in no way bothered me that his best friend was a chick.  It was all cool.  Until….the shit hit the fucking fan!  Bizarre behavior ensues and basically the short end of that is…he leaves me for a lesbian.  LOL No – I don’t know if that is true or not.  Sorry – it just made me feel better.  For all I know it could be the mother of his children.  I honestly didn’t ask.  So the next couple of years of my life were shit.  No – it was worse than shit.  It was very bad and my life plan was shot to pieces.  I was alone.  I am sure somewhere in this  is the reason why I enjoy alpha males so much now.  Abruptly honest, not intimidated by strong women, and not easily manipulated by outside forces of darkness.  Analyze away.

I was traumatized.  It was truly pathetic!  Gak!!!  I did get over it.  Married a VERY alpha man and I am quite content and happy!

However, a positive thing came out of this brief chat we had.  He reminded that I used to write…a lot.  Mostly poetry.  Yes I write poetry.  Less than I did back in High School, but I still love it and it is kind of like therapy for me and historically as an adult I have kept it to myself.   I know I have posted a couple on my personal FB page and 1 the “Ode to Kindle” here on the blog, but that was just silly.   So I am going to start trying to write a poem a week and share it with all of you!  I think I will try to channel it to something paranormal and dark maybe at times magical and light.  It will be a surprise for me too!

SO feel free to comment on it.  Critique it if you want!  I think its only fair since I get to post my unfiltered opinions about all of these books.

Just don’t steal it please!!

So I hope everyone has a truly great weekend!  For all of those going to Authors After Dark New Orleans – we are on a serious count down here – less than 30 days to go!!  Basically every review between now and AAD will be a featured Author!


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