Book Review: The Ruby Curse (Violet Chronicles #1) by Makayla Yokley

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Book Review: The Ruby Curse (Violet Chronicles #1) by Makayla YokleyThe Ruby Curse by Makayla Yokley
Series: Violet Chronicles #1
Published by Self Published on July 21, 2012
Genres: Steampunk
Pages: 375
Format: eBook
Source: Received from Author

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes... though they're not usually escaped convicts.

Just like seventeen-year-old Violet Seymour, whose got a criminal record so thick you could use it as a doorstop. Being the only person to ever escape the highest maximum security prison in the steam-and-clockwork powered nation of Arcova, everyone and their mother wants Violet's head on a plate. So when Violet is suddenly thrust into a heroic role, being a link in an ancient bloodline of heroes, she's a teensie bit skeptic.

But Violet isn't the only one with problems, no matter how much she likes to think so. Mages are disappearing left and right, over a dozen have disappeared over a short amount of time. There are whispers that it's got something to do with the disappearance of the Ruby Scourge, an artifact from the ancient world. It's the perfect start to Violet's new career as a hero!

Too bad her primary concern is looking out for number one, and she only embraces this whole "hero" thing when she can get something out of it(

The Ruby Curse by Makayla Yokley is a steampunk novel that follows a 17 tear old through a new world with clockwork and grime.  Violet is a wild spirit to the umpteenth power.  Tramatic events from her childhood have molded her into someone a shade away from being completely selfish and more brutal than anyone could imagine.  Parts of her extreme behavior and personality did cause some frustration for this reader.  I tend to not favorite the  uber selfish, but her back story did justify many traits.

There were a couple “whys” in this story that left me confused.  Violet is a werewolf, but it is never made clear if everyone knows about werewolves?  Where did her being a werewolf fall into this story?  Maybe many of these questions will be answered later in the series?  The Ruby Curse was packed full of interesting characters, but ultimately the story felt a bit choppy and at times unnatural.

Although The Ruby Curse is geared towards adults, I still felt that many of Violets internal conflicts were inline in a YA feel. I do have to commend the overall originality of the story.  It was a world that was vivid and darkly beautiful.

I rate The Ruby Curse 2.5 out of 5 Bullets

2.5 Bullet Rating

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