Book Review: Blood from a Silver Cross by E.S. Moore

January 3, 2014 4 Bullet Rating, Book Review 0

Book Review: Blood from a Silver Cross by E.S. MooreBlood from a Silver Cross by E.S. Moore
Series: Kat Redding #4
Published by Kensington on February 6, 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Source: Received from Publisher via NetGalley
Some people still call Kat Redding by her hunter name: Lady Death. But she’s not eager to see more violence brought to her doorstep. The neverending tide of hungry supes and vicious humans doesn’t change the math—sooner or later Kat’s one-vamp battle against the nightmares that infest Columbus is going to leave her dead. And she has innocent people—well, a werewolf and a demon-summoner—depending on her now.

But when a rogue werewolf who’s opted out of the bloodbath is found crucified and mutilated with toxic silver, Kat knows she’ll be tangling again with the dangerous Pureblood murderers of the cult of the Left Hand. She already has an undead countess blackmailing her into taking out the city’s garbage and a demon playing with her head. Add to that her serious suspicions about changes at the house of her uneasy ally Jonathan Alucard, werewolf denmaster, and Kat might have finally gotten in danger so deep, not even Lady Death can survive…


Blood from a Silver Cross by E. S. Moore was a gritty, leather smelling peek into Lady Death’s paradox of a life. To be honest this was my first Kat Redding novel and I am sure will not be my last.  A truly unique look at the dark side of vampires and weres and their following.

Kat, Lady Death, has to learn the basics of having relationships with others. Trust, something she has never given anyone, is a huge issue with Ethan and Jeremy her roommates. How do you trust someone with information and at the same time protect them? A double edged sword and one Kat tries hard to learn. Hard to do when you cannot trust your own monster within.

At the same time she has many new complex ties, the oath with Adrian, new were Keira’s relationship with Jonathan, and her own feelings for Jonathan. You can feel her struggle and inner challenge to learn and understand others and her own feelings. All while trying to find the Left Hand cult members before they kill again.

I look forward to reading more Kat Redding novels!

*This reviewer did not read any of the previous titles in this series.

I rate Blood From a Silver Cross by E.S. Moore 4 out of 5 Bullets

4 Bullet Rating

Booked & Loaded received Blood from a Silver Cross from the publisher via NetGalley.  My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.   


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