Book Review: The Cleansing (Earth Haven #1) by Sam Kates

March 12, 2014 4.5 Bullet Rating, Book Review 0 ★★★★½

Book Review: The Cleansing (Earth Haven #1) by Sam KatesThe Cleansing by Sam Kates
Series: Earth Haven #1
Published by Smithcraft Press on December 22, 2013
Genres: Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi
Pages: 312
Format: eBook
Source: Received from Publisher via NetGalley
Amazon four-half-stars
Apocalypse unleashed, the Cleansing begins. Relentless. Survival, uncertain. 

Seven billion people inhabit this world, unaware our destruction is at hand. Death arrives unheralded—swift and nearly certain—not from meteors or nuclear holocaust or global warming, but from a source no one even knows exists.

The architects of doom have moved among us, hidden in plain sight, waiting for the signal to trigger our extinction.

Blindsided, humanity falls. A handful of survivors, bewildered and grief-stricken, must face the new reality, and quickly. For while the Cleansing threatens our existence, it is only the beginning. ..


The Cleansing (Earth Haven #1) is a survivalist story from the start.  We see a small collective group strike out quietly in cities across the world silently starting the Millennium Bug, a plague that will consume over 99% of the population. Sam Kates hooks us right from the beginning. I read each chapter comparing myself to his survivalist’s actions. Would I do that? What would I bring? How would I survive? Could I mentally handle the death of everyone I know? He absolutely made me think! A trait I rate highly  in any book.

We learn the history of this collective group though Peter who has turned his back to the group, his history and will try and forge a new future. Can he convince other survivors of his change of heart? Can he tell his story and outwit the collective?

I cannot wait to see what direction he will take this. Can he save other survivors? Can he convince others from the collective that they might…just might have been wrong?

I rate The Cleansing 4.5 out of 5  BULLETS

4.5 Bullet Rating

I received The Cleansing from the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.


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