What is the Best Book Review Website?

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What is the Best Book Review Website?

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This seems like such an easy question to answer, but the bottom line is everyone’s tastes are different!  There is never going to be one book review site that works for everyone.  There is no magical answer to, “what is the best book review website?”

Your first goal should be to find a website or blog where the focus is in the genres you like to read. Do you read mostly high fantasy, romance, or non-fiction?   This search criteria is a great place to start, even if you are looking to branch out of your comfort zone.  Most book reviewers have a slightly broader scale of what genres they enjoy than an average reader.  I think this is mostly because it keeps us on our toes and we don’t get burned out of the same thing over and over.  Starting your search with one specific genre that a reviewer focuses on is a great start!

Every good book reviewer or blogger should have their own voice.  If they are writing original opinions and views it should come across with the writers own special sound, just like an author has his or her own voice.  Some voices are going to click with the reader and some are not.

Read and listen for the voice that works for you.  There is such a huge variety of review websites and blogs out there.  They range from short and sweet, long and snarky, and everything else in between.  As you read different review styles you should begin to realize what works for you.  If you find yourself skimming over sections of the review or questioning what the review actually has to offer in way of an opinion – you will likely need to keep looking.

Website presentation is another thing to consider.  I have the attention span of a freaking toddler at times and so I know I personally cannot visit sites that have super bright flashy things all over or those weird mouse trailer things (the HORROR).  My computer at home is also getting to be a bit of a dinosaur so I have to be careful about websites with a lot of fancy graphics.  Although, many of the graphics are truly stunning it makes visiting the site a great trial of my patience.  Of which I have none.

How does your best book review website provide new reviews to you?  There are many many ways book review websites and book review blogs publish their new reviews or information.  The most common ways are email, facebook, twitter, and Google+.  There are good and bad things about each one of these options and most of it varies on how you personally use each one of these things.

Email is probably my personal favorite.  This stems from two main reasons.  I check my emails about 20 times a day so I get information quickly and reliably.  I also like that I can leave things unread if it is something I wanted to go back and check out in more depth when I have more time or delete if I have already read it or wanted to skip it.  If you only check your email once a week or once a month – email is probably not the best option for you.

Facebook is becoming an unknown.  With so many changes to Facebook Pages you are highly unlikely to ever see the new posts by your favorite book review website even if you do Like it.  This is a huge dilemma.  Now Facebook does currently have an option for pages where you (supposedly) see every post.  To do this you have to ensure that you modify every setting for every Facebook Page you like.  You can do this by hovering above the Page’s post on the little down arrow on the right side and clicking “Get Notifications”.   You can do the same thing by going to the actual Facebook Page and hovering over the “Liked” button as well.  Now, currently this option is still available and does still seem to work, however there is no certainty that this will still be the case tomorrow or next year.

Twitter is certainly more reliable than Facebook, but can be a bit overwhelming if you are not careful.  I love the List option of Twitter as this allows me to narrow down my feed for specific purposes.

Google+ is certainly reliable, but not all readers have Google+ or use it daily.

Some of the other ways you can follow a book review website, is by friending or following on Goodreads if you are a user and the blog or website has an account as well.  This can be a little trickier for book review websites that have several reviewers, but many have the Goodreads option for each of their reviewers.

So, now we are left with the question of how the hell do you find these book review websites or blogs?  The internet is a sea of information and it can be overwhelming and intimidating when you begin your search.  One way is to search for interviews of your favorite author.  This is a surprisingly efficient way of narrowing your search…unless you are looking for Stephen King or Anne Rice.  Try to pick an author that is not one of the most popular ones of all time.  Searching for these interviews will help begin your search to find the best book review website or best book review blogger for you!  Finding someone that took the time to write an interview or spotlight one of your favorite author, likely enjoys the same kinds of books that you do.

Searching for reviews of books that you have already read and know that you like is another great trick.  This allows you to search for people that have already read the same book and see if they liked it as well or if their review voice matches you.

I am only going to list two of my favorites because they stand out for their own reasons:

Rabid Reads – honestly this was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon several years ago before I started blogging.  I found her through one of my favorite authors as Rabid Reads was hosting a giveaway for the author.  I won the signed book.  It was a sign.  =)   Rabid Reads also likes to keep it real and is great about giving you honest opinions.  I have great respect for sites that do this.  Rabid Reads focuses on Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  They have also branched out into web design and author services.  So if you are an author looking for some help, I highly recommend her!  You can check out Rabid Reads – HERE


I Smell Sheep – They are one baaaaad ass site.   They rock interviews like no one else and have some of the most original content of any site out there.  With brilliant humor and super fun giveaways they always have something worth checking out.  I Smell Sheep focus on reviewing movies, comic books, and a variety of books!  You can check out I Smell Sheep HERE. 

I hope this helps you find the perfect and best book review website or best book review blog FOR YOU!

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9 Responses to “What is the Best Book Review Website?”

  1. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    There are so many blogs to look at! Normally if I land on a blog that has a book I’ve read and their review is similar to what I thought of the book, I will add them to my bloglovin’. When skimming my bloglovin, if I end up on their blog quite often, I add them to my bloglovin’s top blog list. I also follow on Facebook and Twitter, sometimes just because of a giveaway, but if I keep seeing things that interest me, I will do like you said and get notifications or add them to a list on Twitter. If I get REALLY attached, I will do email subscription. This is not the most efficient way as I end up following some blogs in multiple ways so see the same posts over and over again! LOL

    • Annie Slasher

      I follow many blogs many ways, but I think that it part of the blogger curse. LOL

      I have just noticed that I hardly see any facebook posts anymore and I know no one sees mine! I am much more pickier about who I follow via email because I follow so many, but I tried to write this for non-bloggers. Not sure everyone is quite as obsessed as we are!! LOL

  2. SharonS

    I’m with Carmel! Made my day too 🙂 thanks so much for the shout out. Rabid Reads is an excellent author service to deal with from a bloggers POV. I’ve never had any trouble getting the info for book tours from her or her authors 🙂

    Blogs I really want to keep up with I follow via email. That way they are right there every morning when I want to catch up. The next way is via facebook. I spend most my time there. I will post my reviews to twitter, but I don’t use it to find things. Just too overwhelming for me

    I like the idea of checking who has done interviews and reviews for books/authors you like as a way of finding blogs to visit.

  3. ki pha

    😀 Awesome! I find many review blogs to my liking.
    But wait…. When did you change your layout? So different from what I last remember~ LOL

  4. Melliane

    Oh I confess that’s a really really difficult question. I have so many blog I follow and all of them are really interesting for different reasons. So I couldn’t pick one or two… But well I love the blogs you mentionned as well. I was following the blogs by email but all the blogs I’m following via blogger don’t come through anymore so I had to keep a list on my computer to visit them. I follow by bloglovin for example to show that I really follow them but well I just use my list, it’s easier for me.

  5. Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    ^^^What she said!^^^ I could never pick just one–my reading tastes are too broad. And I need more blogs to follow like I need a hole in the head, but that’s never stopped me 😉 I’m definitely going to put your interview search method to the test. Also–my personal favorite method of blog following is bloglovin’. It’s just so darn convenient, and I try to keep that part of all this separate otherwise I’d never get anything else done. That’s why email isn’t the best way for me–if I see it, I want to do it, and with bloglovin’ I don’t have to worry about that 😉

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