Book Review: Circle of Fire (Damask Circle #1) by Keri Arthur

June 13, 2014 4.5 Bullet Rating, Book Review 3 ★★★★½

Circle of Fire by Keri Arthur
Series: Damask Circle #1
Published by dELL on January 28, 2014
Pages: 325
Format: eBook
Source: Received from Publisher via NetGalley
Sixteen teenagers taken from their homes. Eleven bodies recovered, each completely drained of blood. Some believe vampires are responsible. Jon Barnett knows that what’s happening is far worse. Sent by a group of paranormal investigators known as the Damask Circle, Jon quickly becomes enmeshed in a web of black magic and realizes he needs help. But fate gives him only one choice.
Madeline Smith has retreated to an isolated farmhouse, afraid of the abilities she cannot control—abilities that have killed. But when a “ghost” brings a warning of danger and her nephew goes missing, Maddie not only has to leave her haven, she has to place her trust in a man who is neither ghost nor human. As the noose of sorcery tightens, the search for the teenagers becomes a race against time. But the greatest danger to Maddie and Jon could be the intense feelings they refuse to acknowledge but cannot ignore.


Circle of Fire is Keri Arthur’s first book in the Damask Circle Series.

I love the way the book opens. Sometimes I feel the first sentence can be a strong indication of how the book will go. In this case I was right!  This was a wonderfully quick read that will have me searching for the next book.

Keri Arthur creates sold down to earth characters. Madeline Smith the psychic with uncontrolled abilities, who has imposed isolation upon herself, has a great core of hidden strength. This is strength she needs when her nephew goes missing. Years of mistrust by her own family and the truth she has hidden from herself must me revealed in order to help not only her nephew but herself as well. I enjoyed her character. She was strong and even with problems she was a fighter who did not have that demeaning quality I see too often see in so many characters. I like that fact the characters are doers and not brooding endlessly about their past.

Jon Barnett the shape shifting, cold, lonely, enforcer of his kind. Together they must unravel the mystery of missing teenagers and hope that Madeline can control her abilities or she may kill them in the process. Jon must also show her that she is not alone. The supernatural do exits.

Keri Arthur does a wonderful job laying out the story. Straight forward with twists a turns that make for a solid read. Something I hope she continues throughout her series.

I must mention Hank Stewart the manager of the inn Madeline travels to. This character left my skin crawling.  A wonderfully crafted hideous man that will stick with me for some time.  Not too often do I come by a character that gives you that creepy back of your neck hairs are standing up feeling!

I rate Circle of Fire 4.5 out of Bullets!

4.5 Bullet Rating

I received this title from the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.


3 Responses to “Book Review: Circle of Fire (Damask Circle #1) by Keri Arthur”

  1. Carmel

    Keri Arthur used to be one of my fav authors. I LOVED her Riley Jenson series, but then I met her Dark Angels and things went horribly wrong somewhere. Her upcoming release, Fireborn, was amazing, and now there’s these books… 4.5 stars? Yeah, I’m going to give ’em a go.

  2. Kristen

    Another series by Arthur that I didnt know about!! I loved her Riley Jenson series and really need to get back into her writing. Great review and Ill be adding this one to my TBR list.

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