Book Review: It Never Ends by Jhada Rogue Addams

June 23, 2014 4 Bullet Rating, Book Review 1

It Never Ends by Jhada Rouge Addams
Series: The Vengeance Cycle #1
Published by Soylent Publications on May 17th 2009
Genres: Dark Paranormal, Horror
Pages: 380
Format: Paperback
Source: Received from Author
Through the catalyst of a vicious, soul-rending act of personal violence, a new Vengeance Avatar is crowned. The full weight of a karmic sword of judgment now resides firmly nestled in the soul of a despoiled, angry young woman. Seeking out the desecrators of women and children, she makes her nightly appointed rounds - inflicting punishment upon her prey with the fury and strength of a dark, bloody primal goddess.

Now if she could only get her social life in order.

The first book in The Vengeance Cycle series, It Never Ends, is a tale that explores the fine lines between redemption and damnation. During a particularly brutal attack, an entity offers to intervene on Dani Jillson's behalf. Dani agrees to the rather strenuous remuneration for the services rendered and soon finds herself thrown into a supernatural world of violence and vengeance.

Now pressed into service as this entity's Avatar; a servitor and vessel for its wrath and power, she is sent out into the world to reflect the evil that men do back at them. With interest. Several months in, her nightly rituals start blending into a monotonous blur of gore, prompting her to take a night off, in which she runs across Argent Valentine, a solitary vampire who once ruled over the prefecture of New Orleans under the auspices of the European Council. Argent finds himself irresistably attracted to this new predator that now hunts within his chosen feeding grounds, but Dani is repulsed by the attraction she feels for the interloper.

Meeting each other is only half the battle.

It Never Ends by Jhada Rogue Addams is the first book in her The Vengeance Cycle series.  With a dark gritty feel  – this was a fascinating read.

It is so hard to compare It Never Ends to anything I have yet to read.  Maybe if you mixed some Anne Rice and George R. R. Martin DNA you would start to have a basis for where the book stands.  When I was trying to describe this book to my friend I said it was dark and somehow funny at the same time.  She asked, “Like Game of Thrones?”  LOL YES.  Seriously.  Just like that.   The beginning starts off fairly brutal with the protagonist confused about what suddenly has happened to her.  With so many changes happening, I feared the book would be an overwhelming emotional roller coaster.  Although, the emotions in the book did run high, it was actually in a positive light.  

I loved the bizarre and unique different paranormal in this story…plus they end up in New Orleans.  I was not expecting that and had a WEEEEE moment when it happened.  I had a couple other WEEEE moments as well.  One certain sex scene that was extremely well written, unexpected, and pretty damn amazing!

Dani is basically a hammer of justice for an unknown female entity.  (I hope to find out more in book 2)  Child molesters, rapists, and other evil doers better watch your ass – someone is out to get you!  This book played out much like a movie.  Fast paced and always moving forward with the story line.   Well written and well put together – this was a book I will not soon forget.

I am going to say that this book is NOT for everyone.  If you are looking for a mushy gooshy romance or sweet fairy tale.  Keep on looking.  If you like the gritty UF feel and lean towards horror movies in your spare time – I am going to say go for it!

I rate It Never Ends 4 out of 5 Bullets!

4 Bullet Rating

I received this title directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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