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Today I have the lovely Tilly Greene stopping by to talk about her top five favorite places and why!  Don’t miss the great giveaway from some of my stash including Tilly Greene Swag!  Tilly will be attending Authors After Dark in Atlanta.  Please click the graphic for more info!

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You may have noticed in my bio I mention traveling around. I’m lucky enough to do it and thought I’d share with you my favorite five places and why. Here we go:

5. India. We went from Mumbai to Chennai and quite few places in between. The food was interesting, very good, but the highlight for me was the wedding. A friend of ours nephew invited us to the Hindu celebration and it was beautiful. Three days and nights we went to various events and I still couldn’t tell you went they were officially tied the knot. Thankfully there was a Bollywood Star who let me know what was what. Loved it!

Wedding in Chennai

4. Paris. This was all work for the cutie, which allowed me to dictate the terms. After visiting places with the group and him working, we went on a hot chocolate hunt. Oh my word, to this day I compare every cup of the dark glory to what we found in Paris. Over the past few years one of our favorite places from this hunt opened two places in NYC. We’ve visited with family the restaurant a few times and highly recommend going. They have an outside garden, off the main road in Soho that is simply wonderful!

3. Edinburgh. We tend to fly in to this city every Christmas and spend a few days just relaxing. Something we do every time is visit a particular pub that has a restaurant attached. Wow, what a gem of a place. Our last visit I had haggis bonbons for dinner and a small isles whisky for dessert and it was all very tasty. Great stuff, but the best bit was when we visited the Royal Yacht. Now that is a must see. The Queen lived in a way that was totally unexpected. That’s all I’m saying

Haggis BonBons with Whiskey enhanced Mustard

2. Yorkshire. Okay, I lived here for 10 years, but dang if I don’t enjoy each visit we make. The cutie’s dad still lives in this northern county so we see it all the time only it is never the same. We tend to visit the same places, although we do shake it up if time allows. Our last visit we made it to a tiny village where friends lived and stayed the night over the pub. Yup, it was that kind of place, and simply perfect for us. Who knows what we’ll do next which makes each of our trips back fun and exciting times!

1. Southern California. What can I say? This is home, although I’m getting better at showing the cutie places rather than just the beach. Most of our trips here circle around family, friends and food. Lately we’ve made a day of going to Olvera Street for margaritas and Philippe’s a block away for a beef deep. The other must haves are Mexican food at Adolfo’s and a cheeseburger at Ruby’s on the pier. Have I mentioned the last three places all show up in my books? They say write what you know and I’ve been eating at these places since I was a kid


There you go, my favorite five places and here’s a hint of where Ruby’s shows up:

Her Wicked Ride by Tilly Greene

Her Wicked Ride by Tilly Greene

contemporary erotic romance + D/s

Brian Mulligan fixes cars. He rides a Harley, is covered in tattoos and has spent time in jail. Since being released he’s tried to live a clean life, but he’s a bad boy with women, very bad and terribly sexy. Bondage, domination, and so much more, are his preferences when playing with the ladies, and there have been a variety until the last one.

For the first time, he had to work for a yes. All summer, they’ve had fabulously wild no-holds-barred sex, but one morning everything changes. With chaos in the garage, a cup of coffee in hand, and a half-naked Sherry Gonzales in his lap, his eyes are opened to wanting more with her. Brian’s solution is to go on a date, their first date.

The night starts out fine and then they get wicked on the back of his bike before the night takes a turn.

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Born into the easy folds of a sleepy beach town, Tilly Greene embraces the laid back mindset she grew up with. Later, she settled into a polar opposite lifestyle from the one she’d been living by moving abroad to further her education. Despite the frigid climate, the fast pace existence melded in, making her a person who is adaptable and enjoys experiencing the diversity surrounding her.

While traveling, she researches and writes erotica and erotic romances. The versatile author offers single titles and series within a variety of sub-genres [Contemporary, Futuristic, Shape Shifting, Paranormals, BDSM] and occasionally likes to add into the mix interesting themes and subjects like sexual equality and ethics.

Every day she looks forward to writing about women who are independent and confident, the men who love them, and their twisting passionate path to each other.

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    Where is your favorite place to visit?

    I love going to Las Vegas or Reno! Besides the gambling, I love walking up and down the strip or downtown. It’s fun people watching. 😀

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