Audiobook Review: The Engineer Wizard by Glenn Michaels

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Audiobook Review: The Engineer Wizard by Glenn MichaelsThe Engineer Wizard by Glenn Michaels
Series: Genie and the Wizard Series #1
Published by Self Published Narrator: Bennett Cousins, Chris Richabaugh, Commodore James, Gene Blake, Jamie B. Cline, Jordan Byrne, Mary Philips Dukes, Rachel Beiber
Length: 41 hours 6 minutes
on February 9, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Source: Personally Purchased via
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Paul Armstead is your average American senior citizen and electrical engineer. He's 61 years old, unremarkably unattractive, and a self-proclaimed science fiction nut. He's lived the American dream in drab, typical fashion without a single noteworthy event in his rather mundane life.

So how does he end up fleeing from one end of the world to the other, dodging government dragnets; evil, nightmarish monsters known as the Oni; good wizards; bad wizards; beautiful women; spies; and wizardly spells?

Well, it is entirely the genie's fault....

The Engineer Wizard by Glenn Michaels is the first book in The Genie and the Wizard series.  This is a DNF review. After a very strenuous attempt to listen and make it though, I got to about the 1/2 way mark before deciding I just needed to move on.

It has been a very long time since I have posted a DNF review. Making it just short of the half-way mark before throwing the towel in is a big deal for me and I feel I need to speak my mind about my thoughts.  After all ….  that is kind of the whole point of having this review blog. So let me begin…

Paul is a 60+ year old engineer that happens upon a genie and becomes a wizard. The how and the why are probably the best part of the story and it just goes to shit after that. Although I can appreciate the author trying to assure the reader of Paul’s sci-fi nerdiness, I found the movie and sci-fi culture references more than over the top. I love Easter Egg references, but the full on constant quotes were just too much and too often. And for someone that is not only educated, but well read Paul still appears to be incapable of having an actual thought without quoting someone else. Very little of Paul’s own internal dialog contained original thoughts. It reminded me very much of my children when they were pre-teen. Not exactly something you would expect from a senior. Paul also seemed unable to actually problem solve anything by himself and was always seeking out the form of help in histories (some fictional) man-folk. Now we dive into the predictable “the most beautiful women EVAH” entering the scene in which he gets an insta-crush on. Again..not something you would expect from someone in their 60’s. I started to get some pulled muscles from all the eye-rolling. The author sets the scene in the beginning about what a “great guy” Paul is, but honestly I felt he was a typical man-child. The beautiful women must be good and her man-friend must be evil that needs to be stopped and obviously Einstein and Holmes would have the answer to everything….

I was really hoping to find a great read in this book, but it just didn’t work for me.

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HOLY SOUND EFFECTS BATMAN! Why? I think this is the first audiobook I have listened to that contained sound effects. I understand the thought behind it, but my imagination is a pretty vivid thing on its own and the only thing the sound effects accomplished was distracting me from the dialog. I will say after the first 3 or 4 chapters the sound effects did calm down some. The various narrators (see the above list) seemed to do a good job narrating the story, but because I was just not diggin’ the storyline It was really quite hard to say if they accurately portrayed the voice of the story. On a more personal note one of the male narrators sounded exactly like my brother, but I think I managed to put this aside and not allow it to affect my ability to objectively view the narration. 

I rate The Engineer Wizard 1 out of 5 Bullets. DNF

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I personally purchased this title. All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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    Ok, the sound effects would have killed me. No way could I have handled that in my audio. You did good getting to halfway! 🙂

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