#TNEE FRIDAY Giveaway and Interview: The Guardian of Blackbird Inn by Kerry Adrienne

October 2, 2015 #TNEE Friday, Author Interview, Giveaway, New Releases 19

 Welcome to the FIRST #TNEE Friday! This weekly feature will be ALL about authors attending The Novel Experience Event in Atlanta, GA April 6-10, 2016. You should be keeping an eye on this weekly post as it will have giveaways for attendees and non-attendees. You don’t want to miss the awesome chance to win and learn more about some great authors! The Novel Experience is FREE to readers with the opportunity to purchase VIP tickets! 


Today’s author is Kerry Adrienne. She is kindly giving away one $15.00 Amazon gift card and let me interview her! Check out her new release!

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Welcome to Booked & Loaded!

I am super excited to kick off this first #TNEE Friday. Please welcome my first victim, Kerry Adrienne!   

Welcome, Kerry!

Annie: So first, let’s talk a little about #TNEE – The Novel Experience Event and why you chose this event.

Kerry: The biggest reason I chose TNEE is because I love Stella’s events. I’ve found that I get more personal time with readers, and it truly is quality time, not just an in-passing hello. I’ve made some really good friends at Authors After Dark.

Annie:  Are you planning on doing any special events or trips with readers?

Kerry: To be honest, I haven’t gotten that far in my plans yet. I know that some authors are super planners, but I still have another conference this year to go to so I’ve still got to get stuff ready for that. It’s actually a writing retreat, but it’s still traveling, so…

Annie:  The Villain’s Ball is going to be Friday night and a little birdie told me that you love to sew costumes and cosplay. Are you willing to share your costume plan or is this going to be a well guarded secret?

Kerry: I do love to sew historical items and cosplay. I am less of a fan of wearing costumes, but I will definitely dress up for what promises to be an awesome ball! I don’t know yet what villain I will be though! I can’t wait—we are all going to have so much fun!

Annie:  Yesterday was release day for The Guardian of Blackbird Inn – Happy Release Day! Tell us a little bit about it.

Kerry: Awww, thanks! The story is part of All Romance’s WICKED series—and invitation series of paranormal stories with the common theme of “wicked”. (And truthfully, who could resist that?). The story is based on Gothic romances of old (updated, of course)—with curses, old buildings, spooky atmospheres, ghosts, and a girl in white.

Annie:  Where did your inspiration for this story come from?

Kerry: The story actually completely came from the last name of the innkeeper—Amstel, which means “blackbird”—it just grew from that. I was looking for a word that translated that I could use in New England for an old inn and the family that would have owned it and it developed from there.

Annie: What character in Guardian of Blackbird Inn misbehaved the most during the writing process?

Kerry: Arturo. I can’t say any more about that though.

Annie: I also hear that you have various small pets. I need to hear more about this! What do you have?

I love animals and have had a bizarre variety of pets over the years. Including a snake (yes, and it was in my room) when I was about 7. Currently we have a polish rabbit, M. Kay, who resides inside and is a serious spoiled brat and likes to bite the cat’s tail any time she allows it to stray into the cage.

Kerry: I love pets! We have seven cats (two are Bengals, which count for more than two…), a mini lionhead bunny, a panther chameleon, and a leopard gecko. And of course, we raise crickets to feed the reptiles. All the pets are inside.


Annie: What childhood book influenced you most as an adult?

Kerry: Wow, that is a tough question. Probably the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series of books that my aunt had—which probably explains my obsession with Gothic mysteries…

Annie: What extinct human culture fascinates you the most and why?

Kerry: Also a tough one because I love history. Probably would have to go with Ancient Greece. So advanced and so open, yet so hierarchical.

Annie: What book are you currently reading?

Kerry: The Best of Horror Library: Volumes 1-5

Annie: If you were fighting zombies what would your weapon of choice be?

Kerry: Light Saber

GuardianofBlackbirdInn (2)
Saving the inn might mean losing her life.
Sophia Yates travels to the famed and haunted Blackbird Inn to help its mysterious owner, Garren Amsel, research its history. The state wants to claim eminent domain and take the property, but the historical inn has been in Garren’s family for generations and he can’t bear to lose it.
After learning the truth behind the inn’s biggest mystery, and why Garren stays, saving Blackbird Inn may cost Sophia her life. How far will she go to protect him?

Buy NOW at ARe 

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Kerry AdrienneRepped by Marisa Corvisiero, Kerry writes in many genres including science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, m/m, erotic romance, and more. In her spare time, she homeschools, is a part-time college instructor, editor, and dabbles in most things creative. You can usually find her posting cat pictures on Facebook and Twitter when she’s not working.

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  1. Janie McGaugh

    Sadly, I’m between pets at the moment. My Annabelle died last spring, and I just haven’t been ready, yet. She was a mostly black cat and, though she was very moody and not the most sociable cat, I still miss her.

    • Annie Slasher

      The right one will come along at the right time! I think this is why I avoid having one pet. We lost our 12 1/2 year old lab this summer to a brain tumor and if we had not have had our 9 month old mix I don’t know what I would have done. I completely understand!

    • Annie Slasher

      I name the pets that are “mine” historically after flowers. Our dogs are always a join family effort, but we tend to lean towards greek god/goddesses names.

  2. Donna _A

    I have 3 rescue kitties. Our oldest kitty, Betty, is having health issues that are totally bumming us out.

  3. aquariandancer

    I know this wasn’t the question, but I’m putting together my villain costume. Do you have any recommendations for cosplay jewelers? I have a very specific character in mind, but I’m not creative at all. 😉

    • Kerry Adrienne

      many cosplay costumers are good at reproducing jewelry with sculpey and such. Or search for the character’s name on Etsy–someone may have already made the jewelry. So sorry for the late response!

  4. Bonnie Hilligoss

    We have 2 birds. Toby is a Yellow-naped Amazon parrot and Blacky is a white-faced cockatiel. They both sing or whistle a couple of tunes and are very entertaining!

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  6. Tina B

    Congrats on your new release!! I’ll be adding it to my TBR. Love the cover and the blurb!
    I currently have a Beta fish and 3 boys (they count as pets, don’t they?). Lol.
    We are not allowed to have pets where we love, much to my family’s dismay.
    TNEE sounds like so much fun! Maybe I can talk to my hubby and we can take a trip? 😉

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    A light saber is a great idea for zombie fighting. As for pets, I have a very protective & noisy dog.

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