Evangelizing the Genre

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OH NO! Religious nut! – No, I’m complaining about the evangelizing of the genre, not the gospels, and my point should be clear that I feel that ALL forms of human expression have value in the course of human history – even paranormal romance.  I am a historian, so I feel qualified to make that statement.  My name is Crystal and I’m new here at bookedandloaded.com.  I came on board with the review staff over a month ago, but it has taken me all of this time to rekindle my inspirational writing flame – to get back in touch with my muse.  Then it happened a couple of days ago.

I was invited to attend a con with b&l, but I was unable to attend.  I wasn’t happy about not being able to attend since it would have been my first convention.  Plus, it was already taking me a month to get something posted, although I have already been reading.  The stress of my non-performance was lingering over my head uncomfortably.  Then, I read the #WTF – Convention Etiquette article by Annie Slasher on our blog page.  Viola’!  My light bulb got brighter and my creative juices began flowing.

So here is a brief synopsis of what I want to do here at Booked and Loaded:

“#WTF – Convention Etiquette” tells of a panel of authors from different genres.  It was a very diverse panel with both paranormal authors and historical fiction authors.  Now keep in mind that I have 2 degrees in history.  So the story goes on to tell of one of the historical authors berating paranormal/fantasy fiction.  Thus, I came to this conclusion;  I agree that authors should respect the art of one another’s writing.  No genre has less value as art than another.  Indeed what a boring world it would be if all we read was one type or even limited types of writing.  As the historian that I am, I will tell you that all types of human expression are exciting! (Wow, that sounds nerdy!)  But anyway, as a way to bridge the gap between the factual and the fantastic, my reviews will be on books that I feel show that even we boring old historians must accept the value of other genres of all sorts.  I come from a school of thought that feels that acceptance is key to progress – tolerance of all kinds from religious tolerance, racial, LGBT acceptance and the list goes on.  I seriously dislike for someone to tell me that if I’m not this or if I don’t believe that then I am wrong.  What if you are wrong?  What if we both are right?  What if I tell you that it’s not all black and white or good vs. bad.  Sometimes it just IS, as a matter of fact or expression.  History books  were written by the winners for too long.  It’s time we see that all stories matter.  Not accepting other genres because you don’t like them is narrow-minded.  Not liking a genre doesn’t mean that they are not good – just different.  Don’t tell me you’re not intrigued by the stories of the “losers” in history more than you are the winners.  What about the stories of the Native Americans, the American blacks, the Jews from the Holocaust, women, children, handicap, poor?  Isn’t it time we properly place the stories of all perspectives – winners, losers and neutrals – into our collective consciousness? And so it is also with sci-fi, vampire stories, shape-shifter tales, witch lore and all kinds of paranormal.  That’s certainly not an exhausted list.  So PLEASE don’t tell me why I shouldn’t like paranormal.  You may as well be the man who comes to my house to tell me about Jehovah or the preacher telling me I’m going to hell if I’m gay.  Sheesh!  It takes talent to write in any genre.  Can’t we just appreciate all genres as art whether we like that particular genre or not?  ALL stories are necessary in the human story.  I will appreciate your perspective and your genre.  Please, if you will, appreciate mine as well.

And so, this is the first installation in my series entitled “All Stories Matter.”  I hope you enjoy my take on all types of literature. This week I’ll be posting my review of Dragon Bound written by Thea Harrison.



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  1. Brooklyn Ann

    I cannot stand it when people, ESPECIALLY writers put down a a genre. We all should appreciate and respect the work it takes to create a story. And really hating on someone for different tastes is just silly.

    I actually write Historical Paranormal. Double fun!

    • Crystal P

      Historical Paranormal – how exciting! I’ll for sure look you up. Thanks for the support of both the factual and the imagined in your art! How wonderful!

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