Author #WTF ~ Another One Bites the Dust

January 22, 2016 #AuthorWTF 5



Another one bites the dust!

Over the years I have stopped reading various authors for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is for their personal opinions. Sometimes it is for statements they have made on social media platforms. Sometimes it has been for how they treated their readers at events. Some of you will read this and think I am petty, but that truly is inaccurate. I care about people. The underdog, the unknown and the famous in my eye are all equal. Talented artists, injured soldiers and the mentally impaired are all equal.  You do not get special concessions from me because you are well known or more talented than the next person. I don’t care. Everyone has the same standard in my eyes. I work hard for my money and I absolutely will not give my money or support someone that I do not respect.  

This brings me to the newest Author WTF. Welcome to the news and drama in the world of Fantasy. As many of you have likely heard, the long-time narrator of Karen Marie Moning’s audiobooks, Phil Gigante, did not narrate KMM newest installment in the Shadowfever series, Feverborn. This seemed to cause a level of outrage for many of the audiobook fans and I admittedly agree that Phil Gigante was a brilliant match for the series narration and was shocked to hear that he was not narrating Feverborn.

Somewhere along this outrage about his absence, it became knowledge that Phil Gigante pleaded guilty to accosting a child for immoral purposes and possession of child sexually abusive material. Each of these charges are four-year felonies in his home state. Now, I am not really here to argue about whether or not Mr. Gigante is “really” guilty or not. I will provide a few links to outside news sources and leave you to your own conclusions, but I do care about the reactions of the author most importantly and some of the fans. Fans – I get it! You think his voice is sexy and he is everything you imagine Barron’s’ would sound like. That does not give you permission to victim blame. I read a terrifying amount of comments regarding how this 14 year old mislead and manipulated Mr. Gigante bla bla bla. Wow. That is making more assumptions than I know what to do with, it is almost impossible to navigate the reasoning. Having doubt is probably a little healthy and having suspicion is also healthy. It is your prerogative to say, “I don’t care what the artist did..I will still buy/listen/read their work” and “I can separate the artist’s personal issues with their work”. Fine, it is your money. I will sit silently and judge you from my corner of the world as I have a right to do. However, there is NO excuse for victim blaming. Period. Having the author stand behind the narrator and make comments about how she “knows the whole story” (or something along those lines…this has since been deleted) are absolutely fucking ignorant and shows that blind-faith now overrides common sense. Anyone in their right mind would have doubt and suspicion about the situation – period. I do not judge KMM for all of the previous audiobooks as Mr. Gigante had no prior charges BUT saying she will be bringing him back for the next book and deleting ALL comments surrounding his felonies….WTF? And I want to be clear…Mr. Gigante is not “charged” with these crimes. He has admitted that he did these things. ADMITTED.  

I have included (all public links – easily searchable) a variety of links below regarding this. Do yourself a favor and read (do not skip words) the articles before you start making any kind of judgment. Never blame a victim regardless of what you believe is the truth.  

This is an author I will no longer be supporting by buying, reading or reviewing her books. Period. I don’t care how good most of the series is. I am done. I will choose to spend my money elsewhere….


Statement made on KMM Facebook Page as of 1 hour ago (from when I updated). THIS is why you do not blindly make statements without doing research.




5 Responses to “Author #WTF ~ Another One Bites the Dust”

  1. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    Yep, Amazon was great and let me return Feverborn. I can’t support an author who comments it is a mistake and we don’t know the whole story. What??? He pled guilty, what more do we need to know that would change the way we perceive him.

  2. evaallbooksconsidered

    Wow, I was totally unaware of this but this is outrageous and awful! I stopped at Shadowfever because I felt misled that the series would be over with that book and I didn’t enjoy the series at the point. I have no interest in the books since that one and now I certainly will never pick them up.

  3. Beth P

    Having read KMM’s earlier post and some of her responses (in which she ADAMANTLY and REPEATEDLY insisted that she know the whole story), this “I did not have all of my facts straight” apology reeks (to me) of pressure from above and I just can’t view it as genuine. I suspect the facts she didn’t have straight are related to a publisher/agent/etc. telling her how this has threatened her career. Too little, too late.

  4. KC Klein

    I love reading your blog posts. They are always so interesting and serve as a great procrastinator because now I want to follow all the links and read all the details.

  5. Melanie Simmons (@mlsimmons)

    I had two Phil Gigante audiobooks that were purchased last year from Audible. Thanks to their no hassle returns, I was able to return them. One I hadn’t even listened to yet. I would not be able to listen to him and not hear the voice of a pedophile. I had stopped reading KMM series after Shadowfever because I thought that was a good end to the series. I’m really glad that I did.

    I’ve gone through that blog post and one that Jeaniene Frost did. I just can’t believe the crazy that has come out. I don’t know what these people are thinking. Like you said, if you want to separate his personal from his art, okay, I guess I can understand that, but the victim blaming. One comment “I blame society including the girl” I call all kinds of bullshit on that one.

    Okay. I’m done. I’ve been in the thick of this since the beginning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and helping to get the word out.

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