Book Review: Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson #9) by Patricia Briggs

March 10, 2016 3 Bullet Rating, Book Review 1 ★★★

Book Review: Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson #9) by Patricia BriggsFire Touched by Patricia Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson, #9
Also in this series: Night Broken , Silence Fallen
Published by Ace on March 8, 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
Source: Received from Publisher
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Tensions between the fae and humans are coming to a head. And when coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate, Adam, are called upon to stop a rampaging troll, they find themselves with something that could be used to make the fae back down and forestall out-and-out war: a human child stolen long ago by the fae.

Defying the most powerful werewolf in the country, the humans, and the fae, Mercy, Adam, and their pack choose to protect the boy no matter what the cost. But who will protect them from a boy who is fire touched?
Reviewed by Annie

Fire Touched is the 9th book in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Series. I have been a long time reader of this series and Mercy is a character that always seems to come alive.

Fire Touched was much more action filled than many of the previous books in the Mercy Thompson series and moved at a quick and steady pace, but I just kept thinking WTF? Fire Touched just did not seem to keep true to who I always felt Mercy was and IS. Character growth in Urban Fantasy is something that this genre does phenomenally well and yet I just feel like Mercy is losing her “stuff”. Mercy grew up with the freakin’ Marrok. The dang Alpha of Alphas..the master at werewolf politics, so why did Mercy continue to not understand (until it was drawn in kindergarten crayons) how her actions affected everyone else. This just didn’t fit at all. There is no way anyone could justify the level of ignorance Mercy displayed multiple times in Fire Touched.

Briggs , as always, does a brilliant job at creating vividly haunting new creatures, unforgettable characters and epic moments. The deeper look inside of the fae innerworkings was a great element in this installment and added a lot to the overall story. I am so conflicted! Part of me loved the action and world and the other part is weeping for why my favorite bad-ass mechanic is suddenly acting like an idiot. And this entire ex-wife thing with Christie has to stop. BOUNDARIES, I would think Mr. Military britches would get it.

As you can see, I am a little of two minds. My frustrations were high throughout Fire Touched, but this is still a world that could fill endless hours of conversations with fellow readers.

I rate Fire Touched 3 out of 5 Bullets!

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