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June 4, 2016 Authors After Dark, Blogger Thoughts 0

The time of making decisions came upon attending the author reader convention Authors After Dark this week. Authors After Dark offers several meals sponsored by authors and this year you get to pick which authors table you would like to sit at. You should come join us, if you are not already! 

Want to hang out with authors and other reading addicts? If so, then this is the place to visit! (Learn more by clicking on the graphic at the bottom or the left sidebar)

So, you might be wondering how I make my decisions. Favorites? Friends?


I learned that If I pick my favorites or always sit with friends I already know, I never get to meet new awesome people or authors! So, I just go down the list of sponsoring authors and pick ones that write in one of the many genres I read and if they happen to have other interests in common, that normally pushes me in their favor.

These are the authors I chose for each event:

Debut Author Dinner (Thursday Night)

Author Tmonique Stephens 

encore_medium (1)I wrote my first novel about a reporter and a hockey player after the U.S. hockey team won gold in the 1980 Olympics. I love writing flawed characters who reflect the emotional baggage we all carry. I write complicated stories for complicated people. Paranormal romances and fantasy novels are my favorite genre. I’ll read anything about fairies, demons, or angels, but I also enjoy Stephen King and Preston and Childs.

I’m hooked on The Blacklist, Blindspot, The Strain, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Vikings, and Lucifer. I can’t get enough of these shows!

I was born in St. Thomas USVI, but grew up in The Bronx, New York one mile from Yankee Stadium. I love SyFy, the History channels, and Asian cuisine. But my heart and stomach longs for anything from the Caribbean.


HEA Lunch (Friday Afternoon)

Author ML Guida

MLGuida_APiratesObsession800-200x300I have a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Regis University and I studied both creative and creative non-fiction.  My final Capstone was on A Pirate’s Curse, my paranormal historical manuscript, and I’ve decided to self-publish it in the fall of 2013. Creative non-fiction is actually subjective journalism and this helped me learn how to write columns, basically blogging.

I live in Colorful Colorado and enjoy the Rocky Mountains. Many of my other stories, such as Dark Promise, which will be coming out in March 2014, are based in the mountains, specifically Frisco, Colorado where my family owns a cabin.

My home backs up to open space and I enjoy taking my cocker spaniel, Sadie, on trails behind my house.



Drive-In Sleepover (Friday Night)

Author Mikea Howard

mechanics mateWriting under Mikea Howard, we are actually Mindy Howard and Kelly Smith, sisters-in-law who share a love for romance, usually paranormal. We have spent the last several years reading and sharing books as well as authors, often making comments about how we’d love to write our own when we ran out of things to read.

While based on our TBR piles, we have not run out of reading material, yet we decided to write when the muse hit Kelly with a dystopian diesel world and an opening scene with the heroine running out into the woods. Mindy then saw her hero step in, and The Diesel War series was born.

Mindy is both an IT professional at a fortune 500 telecom company and a Licensed Massage Therapist in the medical massage injury rehabilitation realm. She is married to a musician and teacher, who also happens to be Kelly’s brother. She has one adult son and is living out west.

Kelly is a Registered Nurse working in maternal-fetal medicine. She has a great husband, who happens to be Mindy’s husband’s best friend. She has one son in middle school, one daughter in elementary school, and is living on the east coast.

We are both geeks who love sci-fi, fantasy and cosplay. We truly love any reason to design and wear a costume with our friends. Cosplay is simply the same fun and imagination of dress-up when we were kids, but for adults. Letting our inner child run amok.

Since 2010 we have spent our annual vacation together volunteering as staff for the Author’s After Dark convention. Where we celebrate readers of romance. This has blessed us with the opportunity to meet and work alongside an incredible variety of talented romance genre writers, driven agents, meticulous editors, passionate reviewers, and last but most definitely not least, the worlds most fun readers.

Reading has never been a chore for us. We would devour books like they were our sustenance. any times replacing our need for sleep. We were a lean, mean, tag-team reading machine. In a way, Kelly was Mindy’s ‘personal reader’. She would read every paranormal romance she could get her hands on, then pass on the the names of the ones she liked best to Mindy.

So it only made sense that when we began writing we would become that same lean, mean, tag-team writing machine. Don’t get us wrong, there were bumps along the way as we tried to figure out how this co-writing thing would work. But within a short amount of time we were weaving our muses together to create stories we both enjoyed reading. Mindy was once told “Write the story YOU want to read. Write for yourself, and no one else.” So we’ve taken that attitude with each of our stories. We just hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did as they came to life on the pages.


Fantasy Ball (Saturday Night)

Author Mychal Daniels 

restoredbygordin-MD-400x600Mychal Daniels is an avid storyteller and sees her world as a great love adventure waiting to be told. Mychal grew up fantasizing about the wonderment of what ifs. This love spilled over into her ability to weave stories that arrested the attention of her siblings and friends. After going the way of the office drone for far too many seasons, she decided to follow her love of romance, fantasy and storytelling to create and share her highly imaginative take on the great what ifs. The result is these books that allow you to step into the world of her fanciful imagination.

Her love of love, romance and all the what-if possibilities have been a part of her from as long as she can remember. After years of painting pictures with her words for friends and family, she’s finally taken the plunge to share her stories with strangers and is now a full-time author primarily in the romance genre (including Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Contemporary). Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a review while Mychal is off lassoing in your next book boyfriend!


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