Book Review: Aconite by Christine Alvarez

July 6, 2016 4 Bullet Rating, Book Review 0 ★★★★

Book Review: Aconite by Christine AlvarezAconite Published by Self Published on January 12, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Mystery, Shifters, Supernatural
Pages: 360
Format: eBook
Source: Personally Purchased
Amazon four-stars
Who knew that a truck stop post card would send Alexis Davis's life spiraling out of control only to discover a supernatural destiny that she never knew existed?

Not wanting to follow in her mother's footsteps she embarks on a new adventure. Armed with a fresh tattoo and desire for freedom, she winds up in the quaint fishing town of Reedsport, Oregon.

Alexis meets two men that awaken something frightening that was buried deep inside her very soul. Soon the lines between her past, present, and future become blurred. Now Alexis must decide who she can trust. A dark and mysterious coven that believes she is the only one who can restore their power that was lost long ago.......or the two men who have hated each other for centuries because of her.
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Aconite by Christine Alvarez is the first book in her Elektita series. This captivating story unfolds in a unique way, with bread crumbs of information leading you down a trail of excitement to discover truths about Alexis’ past.

Aconite’s story line is done in a very different style, one that I had no problem consuming.  Aconite’s flow very much followed the feel of a paranormal mystery, although it certainly held some romantic elements. We are pulled down the rabbit hole with Alexis as she becomes aware of (…. um…ok how to explain this without a spoiler…) a past she didn’t know existed. (ha! take that!) As Alexis digs deeper and discovers things about herself and those around her and the reader’s knowledge is always parallel along with her and not beyond. I loved this! Not being one step ahead of the protagonist truly kept you in the story, making putting this book down a real challenge.

Witches, shifters and history all take a place in making this a grand read. Alvarez executed the complicated relationships between various characters expertly and I had no problems following along, more problems then Alexis. With two sexy men complicating matters (don’t they always?!) it added some yummy thoughts and images to this riveting tale. The ending left me with my mouth hung open and maybe a little growly with the cliffhanger ending, but the wonderful thing about kindles is the instant gratification of being able to purchase the next book without leaving the bath tub!

Aconite was truly an enjoyable escape, especially for the first book in a series and paranormal mystery fans should find Aconite a fun ride!

I rate Aconite 4 out of 5 Bullets!

4 Bullet rating

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