Review of Desired by the Bear

July 19, 2016 4.5 Bullet Rating, Authors After Dark, Review 0 ★★★★½

Review of Desired by the BearDesired by the Bear by V. Vaughn
Series: Book 1
Published by Self Published on 7/11/16
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance
Pages: 159
Format: eARC
Source: Received from Author
Amazon four-half-stars
Join the epic family saga of the Ouellette werebear clan in Safe Harbor, Canada. Four women take you on an adventure of true mate love, danger, and intrigue in the trilogy Desired by the Bear.
Nadia’s life as a model is practically picture perfect until the day werebear hunters send her running. She lands in Safe Harbor with the Ouellette clan, but Nadia knows better than to call yet another place home, and she settles in to do the one thing she knows best, fight.

Izzy’s rescue from drowning set her on a course for a fresh start as a woman capable of love and compassion. Her savior and clan alpha, Jean Luc Ouellette sealed their true mate bond to break the bi-polar curse, but when Izzy finds out she’s pregnant and experiences mood swings that are reminiscent of her past, she fears for her children.

Kelsey moves to Safe Harbor for an internship at the most prestigious boat-building company on the East Coast, Ouellette Yachts. She finds more than the start of a brilliant career when she falls for Val and discovers a family secret that opens up a whole new world. But as the truth comes out a disastrous mistake threatens to take it all away.

Tally spends her days tending to the needs of the Ouellette clan as their medicine woman, and she enjoys the perks of hunky werebear coming to visit her daily. Especially one named Marcel. But an evil force has plans for Tally that make her chance at love a near impossibility

My favorite yet by V. Vaughn! This is a great start to the series and it can be read without reading Called by the Bear and Tempted by the Bear, but I think would be more enjoyable if did read those first. This one is bit different in that you are following four women from the very beginning. Even though we see a twist at the end, most of this one is setting up for the rest of the series and it completely hooked me. It is a longer book, but to me it went by just as fast as the others because I was completely absorbed in it and did not want to put it down. Yes, it ends with a HUGE cliffhanger.

The Hunters are still after the were-bears, and now there are rumors of them working with witches. Nadia is on the run and must go to Safe Harbor because she is a well known model. Tally is the clan medicine woman and has a thing for the were-bears, do you blame her, but is in danger as well. Izzy was one of those characters that you love to hate but has redeemed herself prior to this book starting. She is now pregnant and moody. Add to that she is a polar bear and well, things are about to get interesting. Kelsey is drawn to Safe Harbor and she has had dreams of bears growing up. If you read the other series then you know where that is heading.

This is, in my opinion, the best so far.New Bullet Rating with Hearts 4.5

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