Book Review: Redeemed by Rilic by Mychal Daniels

July 27, 2016 4 Bullet Rating, Book Review 0 ★★★★

Book Review: Redeemed by Rilic by Mychal DanielsRedeemed by Rilic by Mychal Daniels
Series: Olodian Alien Warrior #4
Published by Wise Mind Media on May 17, 2016
Genres: Sci-Fi, Sci-fi romance
Pages: 411
Format: eBook
Source: Personally Purchased
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Avery Chambers just wants to be left alone to do her research and... make history.

As a crew member of the long-term Earth expedition to find Alien Life, Avery is the head botanist and producer of living food for the expedition fleet. When something goes terribly wrong and she's blamed for contaminating the crew, she must find a way to redeem her work and good name--even if it means accepting the help from a too sexy for his own good god-like Alien, named Rilic.

Multicultural, BWWM, Curvy, BBW, Alien Warrior, First-contact

Warning: This book contains scenes depicting sexual assault and violence.
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Redeemed by Rilic is the fourth book in Mychal Daniel’s Olodian Alien Warrior series. Redeemed by Rilic is full of greatness with a brilliant story-line and come-off-the-page real characters!

It is no secret that I LOVE sci-fi romance, but lately I feel like every book I pick up is sci-fi romance is pretty light on the actual story-line and overly focused on the sex. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some heat in my sci-fi, but I need a STORY. I need real characters! Redeemed by Rilic did just that. It didn’t stop at SEXY. It delve into a new world and conflicts with depth, just what sci-fi should be about. It was a fun read and I loved the main character, Avery. She was just adorable and written with such passion, it is hard to believe she isn’t a real person.

I would also like to talk about something else, that might ruffle some feathers, but it’s the truth. BBW books…sometimes get too focused on the internal (and negative) dialog that surrounds the “big” part of the BBW. (For those of you with blank looks…BBW = Big Beautiful Women) The negative internal dialog can be hard for me to read, often I think because they echo my past and sometimes current thoughts. If I am going to read about someone like me, I want them to be proud of themselves and self accepting. Give us girls something to strive to be like! Avery was like this. Yes, her size was brought up. She also didn’t negative-talk herself down constantly and pointed out what she loved about herself. Inside and out. Daniels nailed it. She made a big beautiful women that was intelligent and confident, yet not without flaws. AND a man shouldn’t make it all better. You should feel beautiful without the man, with the hopes that he takes your self confidence to a new level. Redeemed by Rilic, did THIS.

The world building was well done, especially since I was coming in at book 4 in a series. I never felt lost or confused and I didn’t feel like there was a lot of back information shoved onto the pages, it just seemed to flow into the natural story-line. This sci-fi was a well rounded read with a great Happily Ever After and I will certainly be picking up more in this series!

I rate Redeemed by Rilic 4 out of 5 Bullets!

4 Bullet rating

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