Spotlight: The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark

September 14, 2016 Spotlight 1

Look at me, procrastinating writing book reviews! Weeeeee….  Ok, seriously though.
Some of you that have been following for a while might have picked up on my quirky views. I mean #authorwtf posts were popping up here and there about political views of authors and just strange shit they choose to align themselves with. One thing remains constant with me, human rights. I can manage to piss off an entire city with my political views, mostly because I don’t fall into some square peg that is apparently expected of voters. The added spice to my already outlandish self, is that I live in the South. North of the Dallas metroplex, in one of the most conservative areas around.
So here I am in the South…an LBGTQ supporter that hunts, fishes, gardens, reads dirty books, makes art, reads comics, loves sci-fi and to top it off – I do not go to church or force my children to believe in anything. I get called a lot of names that are not very nice around here. Honestly, I reached IDGAF a long time ago. Finding Trae Crowder might have been a life changing day. Seriously. I couldn’t believe it. There are more like me out there?! *gasp* Finally, my people. I have found you!
Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the late night political shows, but they are living in a different world than me. They don’t feel the pain of going to your kids football games and having to face a Christian prayer before every game. Or have their kids be un-invited to birthday parties because “they are going to hell”, since they don’t believe in god. Or not be invited to your own families functions because you are not Christian. Seriously. Every one of these things has happened, just this year. I could go on, really REALLY I could. (I could write an entire book on the science teacher alone) But, I regress, this post is actually about a book I cannot wait to read..or maybe listen to. I haven’t decided yet. So, if you feel you might connect with a liberal redneck or just wonder WTF I am ranting about…check out THE LIBERAL REDNECK MANIFESTO: DRAGGIN’ DIXIE OUTTA THE DARK. Hell, if you are already offended and just want to read it to fuel your rage…HEY, that’s cool too!

And….my review of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark will also be accompanied by my thoughts on the show, as I purchased tickets for the WellRed Comedy Tour here in Dallas on October 21st. If you are local and want to check it out…click here for ticket info. See below for the Dallas Book Signing too!


Atria Books announced they will publish THE LIBERAL REDNECK MANIFESTO by political satirists and stand-up comedians Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester and Drew Morgan on October 4. A recent viral sensation, Trae’s Liberal Redneck videos have had more than 50 million views — watched and championed not just by Southerners but by people everywhere craving a common-sense approach to issues like race, religion, LGBT rights, and gun control. Trae, Drew and Corey are currently in the middle of a sold-out 18-city comedy tour.

“We have some things to say about the New South and how to get there. We care about this place and its people and its place in the world,” say the authors. “For Southerners, this book is a call to action for change and a chance for us to laugh at ourselves. For those outside the South, it’s part carny sideshow, part case for the South as one of the richest sources of American culture, and part wake-up call that our problems and our dreams aren’t that far off from the rest of America’s. And it’s also a chance to laugh at us, with us, for us, however you want. We can take it. We encourage it. We’ve taken plenty worse over the generations (most of it self-inflicted), so much so that it’s only helped hone our proud tradition of Southern humor and storytelling as a way to pass the time, feel better, and make a point or two when absolutely necessary.”

The book includes their New South Bill of Wrongs – a take on the Bill of Rights for a New South where everyone gets along better – and the Ten Commandments of the South: thou shalt not put your God above everyone else’s life and rights; thou shalt not make bad music and call it “country,” “southern,” “blues,” “dirty south,” or “hick hop;’ thou shalt not live off the government if you can help it.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS (pictured below in this awesomely awkward group photo):


Trae Crowder is a poor man’s son from the extremely rural Southern backwater of Celina, Tennessee. Trae left the church at an early age, mostly due to his distaste for the homophobic rhetoric Southern churches are so known for (Trae is very close with his uncle, who happens to be gay). Trae’s mother was in and out of jail for much of his formative years due to her issues with abusing and selling “hillbilly heroin” (prescription narcotics). He was the first person in his family’s history to graduate from college, earning an MBA in the summer of 2009. These factors coupled with a childhood spent in abject poverty in the Deep South help explain the origin of “The Liberal Redneck,” a series of YouTube videos Trae created in 2016. The videos earned Trae national attention (or notoriety, depending on your point of view) and led to a number of television and radio appearances as well as sold-out live comedy shows across the country. Trae has been writing and performing comedy for six years and contributes weekly videos to NY Daily News. He currently lives in East Tennessee with his wife and two young sons.


Corey Ryan Forrester has been writing and performing stand-up comedy since the age of sixteen— before he could legally work in a comedy club. His North Georgia roots have given Corey an affinity for Southern wit and storytelling. He may often wear a PBR hat, but don’t assume there is anything blue collar about him. Corey did take a brief respite from life on the road when he was twenty-seven to help his mother and sister run their family bakery in his home town of Chickamauga. A skilled culinary artist, he spent his days baking quiche and making soup while his nights were spent hocking jokes in dingy bars. He enjoys collecting vinyl records, a perfectly cooked (rare) steak, and identifies as “a leg man.”


Drew Morgan is a stand-up comedian, writer, and husband from rural East Tennessee. He draws on his experiences as a small-town son of a preacher man and former public defender to weave together stories with jokes and observations on culture, religion, and identity. He splits time between New York City and Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife Andi, and dog Mick Jagger Pup.

CONFIRMED Book Signing events:

 Concord, NC – Oct. 9th at 3 PM – Books-A-Million, 8301 Concord Mills Blvd
 Jacksonville, FL – Oct. 14th at 4:30 PM – Books-A-Million, 9400-015 Atlantic Blvd
 New York, NY – Oct. 17th at 7 PM – Barnes & Noble: UWS, 2289 Broadway at 82nd St
 Dallas, TX – Oct. 22nd at 12:30 PM – Half Price Books, 5803 East Northwest Highway
 Katy, TX – Oct. 23rd at 2:30 PM – Books-A-Million, 5000 Katy Mills Circle, Suite 221
 Cambridge, MA – Oct. 27th at 5 PM – Barnes & Noble: Harvard University, 1400 Massachusetts Ave
 Knoxville, TN – Nov. 6th at 12 PM – Books-A-Million, 8507 Kingston Pike
 New Orleans, LA – Nov. 11th at 5:30 PM – Garden District Bookshop, 2727 Prytania Street
 Atlanta, GA – Nov. 17th at 6 PM – Barnes & Noble: Georgia Tech, 48 5th Street NW
 Washington, DC – Dec. 11th at 3 PM – Barnes & Noble: Catholic University, 625 Monroe Street NE


I will likely be draggin’ my book along…but I would suggest y’all practice some penis drawings. Because, boobies pose no challenge! 

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    I stopped going to church when I was 11 years old. I was raised Mormon but also went to a Baptist church with my mom’s side of the family. But I went to Mormon primary school one rainy day and they made me sit outside in the rain for 2 hours on the stairs because I wore pants to church that day. I refused to go back. I didn’t make my daughter go to church either.

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