Book Review: Butterfly Style by Bianca Sommerland

November 7, 2016 5 Bullet Rating 1 ★★★★★

Book Review: Butterfly Style by Bianca SommerlandButterfly Style on 11/07/2016
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Freedom has always been a priority for Kelsey “Chicklet” Galloway. From choosing bartending over a ‘real’ career, to avoiding monogamy like the plague, she’s always paved her own way, living her life in a way that makes her happy. As a Domme she is content to give a lucky sub—or two—a night to remember, but she’s never met anyone who made her consider sharing her carefree world.

Until she meets a woman who desperately needs a little taste of it.

Officer Laura Tallant has her whole life in order, is looking at a promotion on the police force in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and finally has some time off for a much needed vacation. When her plan to find some release with her former Master falls through, she’s left searching for an alternative. And finds one that fulfills more than her desire to escape reality for a brief, blissful moment.

Chicklet makes her feel more alive than anyone she’s ever known, but nothing about her follows the rules of what Laura is supposed to want. The last time Laura put her heart on the line, she was left broken and alone. A chance at love might rip open old scars. Or give her a safe place to finally let them heal.

Author’s note: This is the story of how Chicklet and Laura’s relationship began, which takes place before Game Misconduct (The Dartmouth Cobras #1). There are scenes involving characters from the other books, but it can still be read as a standalone. The hockey is light in this book, but I still consider it a Cobra novella because Chicklet’s earned her place as an honorary member over the years. Any woman who can handle the trouble triplets deserves that at very least! lol

Holy cow! I want to start by saying I have found in the past that I do not care for FF books. I have read several and well they just did not interest me. This one is different. OMG I absolutely LOVED Butterfly Style. The Dartmouth Cobras is one of my favorite book series and while I have read about Chicklet and Laura, their story was never part of it. They were just there together, yes they are a major part of another book but how did they get together? What made them the way they are? This is that book. I have always loved Chicklet but wasn’t to fond of Laura. Well this book changes that too. The dynamic between these two is HOT and I am surprised something did not catch on fire.

Laura is trying to move on from her Dom, who dumped her. She has known for a long time that women interest her more than men but is scared to go down that path. I loved reading how she takes the plunge and goes after what her heart really wants.

I rate Butterfly Style 5 out of 5 Bullets


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