Comic Book Review of The Stalker (Issue 1)

November 10, 2016 Book Review, Comic Book Review 0

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Where There Are Shadows

In 1938, Obsidian Bay is a city of the future. It is also infested with villainy and corruption. Crime has slithered its way into every corner of the city, including the police force. Detective Frank Donavin has spent years taking money from the Mancini crime organization. Now Frank is in dire straits, as he is approached with an offer by Kizam Krey, emissary of the city’s mysterious protector, The Stalker.

Written by
Travis F Huffman
Art by
Juan Romera
Lettered by
Kel Nuttall
Edited by
Travis F Huffman




Corrupt police officers. A mysterious mastermind. I am intrigued! Comic books have two true aspects. (I am only going into all of this since I have a lot of non-comic book readers) One is the art. The art itself is like an independant character in a way, much like how some cities in fiction become their own entity in a story. It sets the tone and feeling for the general story being told. In this first aspect the layering was dark, alluring and a bit creepy. My feeling was that it matched what I felt the creators goal was. The second is the story being told, including individual characters. This being the first issue, we get more of a whisper of each character and not a full frontal view. The glimpses of the characters matched the tone of the art and joined forces for this reader to automatically want more. The introduction of The Stalker…just yes. He is haunting and creepy and I am not convinced he is truly on the dark or light side, but I damn sure intend to find out!

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