Review of SAGA, Vol 1- 6 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

January 25, 2017 Book Review, Comic Book Review 0

This is an overall review of the first 6 volumes of Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. See the end of this post for information on volume 7. 

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I am going to give to you straight here kids. My gut is telling me no matter what words I use or how I say it, no one is going to truly understand the amount of awesome that is contained within this series. My puny brain just cannot translate to you what Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan created, but I am going to attempt it.

Now, my normal readers..don't pass this up because you see all the beautiful non-romance covers and think "oh, I don't read that kind of book." Please, hear me out here. You cannot judge comic books or graphic novels by what your brother read or what you see translated onto the big screen. The variety in the universe of comics is huge and unless you have truly piddled around in a store with a friendly and knowledgeable side-kick, you might be really missing out. This series is only one example, but so far it the finest I have found.

First and possibly most importantly I have to say that basically this entire series is based around the fact that a romance novel changes one main character's life so profoundly that during a time of war she lets go of her prejudices and falls in love with the "enemy" and they create a 1/2 breed baby. An abomination. A huge, big fat fucking no-no of epic proportions. But the repercussions from this one event and one romance book only begin there...

That being said...scratch that. That wasn't the most important part. The most important thing you need to know is how many social issues this series touches on in a mix of crude, grace and honesty that manage to still fit seamlessly into the story. Transgender - check. Race - check. Bigotry - check. Social status - check. Drug abuse - check. I mean...I could go on here, but ya'll get the point right? I am not saying you have to even feel ONE way or another about any of those things to enjoy the book, that is seriously how well the authors nailed it. Example - robots. There is a race of beings (called robots) that have TVs for heads. The royals have lovely color TVs and the lower working class have black and white TVs. Ok, it is funny and it is supposed to be funny. That is the point. Truly this not a good vs evil kind of comic. This is an amazing tale

This series has been on my TBR list since 2013. That is embarrassing to admit, but there it is. I checked. WHY.  Why didn't I listen sooner and read it? Not only is it an enchanting and bizarre story but the beautiful art coincides with the story brilliantly. It doesn't overwhelm the words and does nothing but add to the overall enjoyment that is Saga. The crudeness and humor brought the extra FUCK YEAH to the table and unbearable to set down.

Bored? Looking for something different? Hilarious? Meaningful? This is it...don't be Annie. Don't wait 3  years. This gets all 5 bullets. A rarity around here! Loved it!


Volume 7 ~ Coming March 28, 2017

saga 7

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