Review of Diminished (Winter’s Wrath Book 2)

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Review of Diminished (Winter’s Wrath Book 2)Diminished on 4/10/2017
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When Shiori Ayase comes across a casting call to dance on stage for Winter’s Wrath with a model she idolizes, she jumps on the chance. She needs this opportunity to break free from the control of her stepfather, and she made her sister a promise on her deathbed. One that involves learning if the Trousseau brothers are the type of men that can be trusted. What better way to find out than by spending a few weeks with them on the road?

Brave Trousseau has to face the damage he’s done to the band in his efforts to push his younger brother away. But then his goddess, a young woman with a sharp wit and moves that drive him crazy, joins the band on tour to take over the sexy performance meant to entice the crowd, Brave ends up more than motivated to be on his best behavior.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one enchanted with the girl. Malakai Noble, the band’s bassist, has always been a strong, steady presence at the core of Winter’s Wrath, but he’s now become Brave’s most bitter rival. How can Brave show he’s changed with Malakai's constant reminders of every mistake he’s made? With the band on the line, and Shiori stealing her way into his heart, maybe there’s only one way to prove he’s the better man. And that’s by letting her go.


Wow…that is this book summed up in one word. I loved this book! Oh I was yelling and cursing Bianca Sommerland’s name a few times during it, but that is part of what made it so good. I laughed, I cried, and I screamed as there is a little bit of everything wrapped up in Diminished. I would suggest reading Backlash before reading Diminished, it would make the reading so much better as there are events that happen in Backlash that you need to know going into Diminished.

Brave is an ass, this opinion is carried over from Backlash. But we see him not only develop a relationship with Shiori and Malakai, but he re-develops his relationship with his brother. There are some moments there that just left me going awwwww and others I was shaking my head. But this is what the brothers need. Now, the relationship between Brave, Malakai, and Shiori oh holy hell! Brave and Malakai, go from hate and distrust to distrust but lust after, to they don’t know what they would do if can’t be together and can’t keep their hands off each other while at the same time they both want Shiori and have their sights set on this new dancer. Shiori is innocent, which makes her reactions to them that much hotter. These three are explosive together. Now I am not going to give spoilers here but there is some seriouse crap that is in Shiori’s past that broke my heart for her and these men have to help her get through the pain.

Bottom line, if you want heat, comedy, seriousness, and just all around great story then this is one I would recommend.

I give this book 5 bullets!


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