Book Review ~ Winter’s Absolution by Kristina Canady

June 6, 2017 5 Bullet Rating, Book Review, Review 0 ★★★★★

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review ~ Winter’s Absolution by Kristina CanadyWinter's Absolution on June 7, 2017
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Reality can be more terrifying than the strange tales that sometimes circulate. When inky blackness creeps and crawls into every internal recess of a human being, it can be a recipe for living hell on earth.

But sometimes, even in the most desolate, frigid terrains… absolution can be found.


Serpent tongues, slithering all around, hissing violent, toxic things, choking the very life out of me… There is no light here, yet I cling to a formless hope that may not even exist. Even as this personal prison tries to wring the last bit of breath from my cold body, I can’t help but think that a lifeline will be thrown to me through the barrage of taunting shadows that tempt me with whisperings to simply end it myself.


The voices of past deeds and experiences never stop, no matter how hard I work to get over the scarred bits that are always on the verge of being picked open like a sore that will never heal. Most days, I’d rather bang my head into a concrete slab until they all just shut the fuck up. That all stopped the day I found her, a broken, quivering mess who was afraid to leave my property. Her personal demons shone through her sunken eyes, and I knew I had found someone familiar. She scared me to death, but through her, my purpose in this godforsaken world came into focus. She needed me to be a beacon… to show her the way out of the desolate pit of hell that I had only recently figured out how to climb out of


***Warning. This book is for mature audiences only and has many triggers including strong language, sexual/fetish content and rape/ abuse flashbacks.  This is a work of fiction about surviving and is not for the faint of heart. *** This is an MC Romance with dark edges…

HOLY COW! I really do not care for dark reads but read this one because I love Kristina Canady’s books so I thought ok, why not. Worse case I don’t finish best case I love, right? I fell in love with this book in the first chapter. The writing just drew me in and had me hooked. Hook, line, and sinker hooked! Dark? Oh yeah this is probably one of the darkest, most twisted books I have read in a very long time. I cried at parts of it, cried for Luna and everything she has gone through. But was proud of her for overcoming the kidnapping and repeated raping. Leo is so patient with her even though he is messed up in the head as well. Can these two help each other heal? This story left me screaming and I thought there would be a cliffhanger. Well Ms. Canady is known for cliffhangers, so why not. I was very surprised and happy when that didn’t happen.

I voluntarily reviewed and ARC of this book.


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