What to Wear at Your First Comic Convention

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Welcome to my new series "COMIC CON HOW TO...", which will ease your anxiety and nerves and prepare you for your upcoming event.

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How To Dress at Your First Comic Con 

That's right, I know you have worried about it and if you have not.....well, now you probably are.

I know I did and do every time I plan to attend a convention. You probably sat down and googled Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and stared in AWE at the elaborate costumes and cosplayers from various comic conventions. And then it hits you that the pictures contain so SO many people in full cosplay. Your insides tighten and you start to panic.

Stop. Breathe. Tell your insides to shut it.

The answer here is easy people. WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT and keep it simple.

If it is your first time attending a comic convention, my honest recommendation is to not cosplay or plan anything. The only real thing you need to worry about is your level of comfort. Seriously. That is it. Your sole and primary focus should be about avoiding blisters, chafing and various other painful things caused by copious amounts of walking and standing. 

As a bonus, you will have a more money to spend on artists and vendors. (You can learn more about this aspect tomorrow!)

Just enjoy your first experience. Try not to make it complicated or overwhelming by spending weeks or months obsessing about your "look". You are not obligated to worry about what other people will think or feel about your clothing. Comic and pop culture fans come in every shape, every color, every style and judging someone by the clothes they are choosing to cover their meat suit in, kind of goes against what these types of conventions should be about. There is no "right" way to geek! Just be yourself.

Enjoy yourself and feel free to ask cosplayers to take pictures with you! Please be advised that if they are a professional cosplayer and are listed under the convention website, there might be a cost. Understand that their costumes and the amount of time they spend creating the costumes and makeup is EXTENSIVE. It is their job and it is fair to ask for payment in exchange for a picture.

Most of the people walking around the con in cosplay or costumes will not be professionals or expect payment. Honestly, it is a huge honor to have someone want to take a photo of  your hard work. The rule: ask first. Be courteous and don't be afraid to ask. I have yet to have anyone say no.

I hope if you are attending The Amazing Comic Con, you comment on this post and let me know how your weekend was! I would love to attend this event sometime in the future and don't forget to do all things VEGAS while you are there.

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