Operation – Support Authors Affected by the Shutdown

January 23, 2019 Guest Post, My Thoughts 1

Here we are making history and NOT the good kind. The US government has been shut down for over 30 days and although I know not everyone is feeling the pinch directly, we all know people that are.

Most authors work more than full time to make ends meet and those with family members or those that work at entities directly affected by this catastrophe are being hit extra hard. Booked & Loaded is here to make an effort to share their stories and give you readers an opportunity to support them through this hard time by BUYING BOOKS. Seems like a win-win!

I hope to continue this support through the shutdown, so if you are an author reading this or reader that knows of an author directly affected by the government shutdown please let them know about this Operation!


Today I have 2 special authors that I have a lot of respect and love for. Tee Morris and his wonderful wife and co-author Philipa Ballantine.


Tee Morris is an award-winning writer and podcaster of Science fiction and Fantasy, and hailed as a social media pioneer. An early adopter of podcasting, Tee is no stranger to creating original content online. Now he adds to his online arsenal of creativity Twitch, managing his own streaming channel featuring a variety of gaming and talk shows. Tee is co-author of Podcasting For Dummies, 3rd Edition, and co-author of the award-winning steampunk series, The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.


Back in April of 2018, I was hired to fill the position of Chief of Communications for a White house initiative called Code.gov. This was, apart from a runaway bestseller that was optioned for Hollywood, a dream job. I could not have been happier. when the government shut down, Code.gov shut down as well. I am now on borrowed PTO, waiting to see if I will have a role to return to.


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From the award-winning podcast anthology series Tales from the Archives comes these fantastic adventures of spy craft, science, and the supernatural.When Agents Eliza D. Braun and Wellington Thornhill Books, Esquire, were first partnered up in the Archives of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, it was hard to believe they would ever delight in one another's company, let alone engage in acts of derring-do within and outside the boundaries of Her Majesty's Empire. First published in the Tales from the Archives, and Ministry Protocol these stories are now collected for the first time in one volume. These cases are before and in-between the award-winning steampunk novels written by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris. In The Books & Braun Dossier, you will find out…Why Eliza D. Braun was cast out of her homeland of New Zealand.Who is Arthur Books.How Wellington and Eliza cannot avoid trouble, even on Christmas Eve.When Wellington is away, how Archimedes entertains himself.

This print edition contains an exclusive short story not available in podcast or print anywhere. When Eliza and Wellington investigate a strange event in Torquay.

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Twitch got its start as a live-streaming platform mostly populated by gamers and their fans. It's quickly grown to host streaming events of all kinds—concerts, conferences, production events like podcast recording sessions, and even pro sports.

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New Zealand born fantasy writer and podcaster Philippa (Pip) Ballantine is the author of the Books of the Order, The Chronicles of Art, The Shifted World series.

She is also the co-author of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series with her husband, Tee Morris. Phoenix Rising won the Airship Award for best written steampunk, and was the number eight best Science Fiction book of 2011 according to Goodreads.com. The Janus Affair was the seventh most popular science fiction book of 2012 on Goodreads.com, and won the Steampunk Chronicles Reader’s Choice Award for Best Fiction. Dawn’s Early Light won the RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for best Steampunk of 2014.

In non-fiction, Pip has co-written with Tee Social Media for Writers from Writer’s Digest.



My husband is a contractor for the federal government. Through him our family makes the majority of their income, and we have our health insurance. He loves his job, and really wants to hold onto it. He helps the government save money, but right now the government isn't saving us.

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While Verity Fitzroy loses herself in magical mechanizations and fantastical science of London, she harbours secrets of the death of her parents, of a mystery she can't leave alone, and of her power over machinery that both excites and terrifies her. Verity is part of the Ministry Seven, street orphans that work for Agent Harrison Thorne of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Under his guidance, a whole new adventure begins for them all, investigating the strange, the unusual, and the bizarre.

When an Egyptologist from the British Museum is kidnapped, the only clue leads to the Delancy Academy, an elite school for gifted, young scientists. Now the Seven are called upon to go where Ministry agents cannot, and within the school Verity uncovers an ancient evil that could herald the end of the world.

The Seven set down a dangerous path of intrigue, mystery, and murder; and find that ancient curses are especially difficult to contend with when you have Chemistry assignments due the next day.

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  1. Courtney

    I couldn’t love Tee and Pip’s books more!! If you are looking for characters who are smart, educated, witty, sassy, and FUN, then you have to delve into their series!!!

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