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Book Review:  Dawn of a Dark Knight by Zoe Forward

Book Review: Dawn of a Dark Knight by Zoe Forward

Book Review: Dawn of a Dark Knight by Zoe Forward starts out fast paced and never skipped a beat.  Ashor leads a group of magi warriors whose goal is keep balance on earth and are governed by Egyptian deities.  The chosen healer, Kira, is needed to help them in this journey, but what happens when her undeniable bond to Ashor goes against the gods rules?  Will she accept the responsibility?   I have to say, I loved this story.  I know the warrior bit is not a new concept per se, but Dawn of a Dark Knight is completely original in… Read more »


Book Review: Hot Blooded (Jessica McClain #2) by Amanda Carlson

Book Review:  Hot Blooded is the second installment in the Jessica McClain series.  With its unique twist on werewolf lore it is a fresh addition to Urban Fantasy.  Jessica McClain is the only female werewolf in existence and that is just the beginning   With new and undiscovered abilities Jessica is trying to keep up with a prophecy and focused on trying to find her mate.  Hot Blooded focused on this subject – finding her mate.  This left Hot Blooded light on the romance, but high-octane on the action.  Creepy crawlies and nightmarish horrors never encountered before seem to be at ever turn, but fighting a… Read more »