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FanExpo Dallas ~ What do YOU want to know?

The time is almost upon us! FanExpo Dallas is only 10 days away and I am woefully unprepared. Pieces of my cosplay are truly..pieces. That means it is TIME. Time for the panic that seems to ignite motivation in my veins and fire in my heart!  It is also time to decide which celebrity will make the final cut into my photo-op budget. The budget is slim, my friends! *bites nails* And finally, it is time to decide which comic… Read more »

Book Review Burn Out

For those that review books I am going to assume we all know the feeling. We sit at our desk. Stare at our computer. We put the title in the post. We input in the book info and stare. We stare at the computer screen and our minds go blank. Our thoughts revolve around the land of  “YAY I LIKED IT” or maybe “IT WAS OK”, but no one wants to read that. Hell, I don’t want to read that!!… Read more »

Announcement and Party Info!

Announcement and Party Info!

It has been a crazy month! With the LAST Authors After Dark convention (full post coming soon) and back spasms, it has been a wild ride! First off, some of you might have noticed a new member to the team! Heather has started posting and reviewing and I could not be more excited to have someone here to help me. This level of help comes with brilliant ideas! We decided to start doing live facebook posts to read excerpts from… Read more »

Walker Stalker Convention + Review

Walker Stalker Convention + Review

The Walker Stalker convention currently has 9 events. Walker Stalker convention will be in Denver, Nashville, Chicago, Charlotte, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Jersey and London. Their recent stop in Dallas, Texas was local for me and by some kind of miracle I received media/press passes. <insert total freak-out moment> They also have a cruise….I will try not to obsess over how much I would love to go! I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from this new adventure. I have been… Read more »

Plagiarism Rant aka WTF?

I am not going rehash the entire Laura Harner plagiarism thing again, but I wanted to add some light to the issues that are going on with plagiarism in the industry. If you want to see exactly what happened with the author that plagiarized another author (Laura Harner), you should just check out Jenny Trout at Trout Nation, because frankly she is a much better journalist then I could ever be and has laid out a great side-by-side comparison of the… Read more »

Author Facebook Etiquette aka WTF?

I know there are many MANY different opinions on this subject. This is mine. What should authors NOT talk about on social media?  In the last 3 months I have seen the following from authors on social media: racist posts, religious posts, anti-everything posts, political posts, skinny-shaming posts, all kinds of judgmental posts, hateful posts….I could go on forever.  Authors are people. I get it! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and nowhere else is there a display of… Read more »