Early Book Review – Absolution (Penton Legacy 2) by Susannah Sandlin

  WOWZA.  Absolution by Susannah Sandlin IS the best Paranormal Romance I have read this year.  It takes a lot for me to become so absorbed in a book that I can read it during pee-wee football games.  With the yelling and cheering Ack I never read during this time.  That was not the case with Absolution.  It was if a veil folded over me every time I opened this book up.   I could hear and see nothing beyond… Read more »

Book Review – The Exile’s Violin by R.S. Hunter

Book Review: When I started The Exile’s Violin I found myself questioning if a male author could pull of writing a novel from a females POV.  I started thinking about how many books I have read that were wrote by men with a female main character.  I did not come up with many.  I was pleasantly surprised by the reality that R.S. Hunter wrote it flawlessly.  Jacquie was a fantastic strong and firey women.  Even through the worse of her troubles she… Read more »

Exhale by Kendall Grey

Exhale by Kendall Grey just truly blew me away.  Honestly, this review is so hard to write because it is hard to say much without giving away spoilers to Inhale.  Inhale is book 1 in this series and you can check out the review HERE.  I will focus on this review in vague detail because Inhale should certainly be read first.  Kendall Grey created a fantastic world in the Just Breathe series.   Exhale did not fall short.   If… Read more »

Music Mania Monday – Inhale by Kendall Grey & Lonely Day by System of a Down

My intention was to have the Inhale review up yesterday and then follow with this MMM post.  Alas – that totally and obviously did not happen. This posts Music Mania Monday is going to Kendall Grey’s Inhale and System of a Down’s Lonely Day.  I chose this song and band for a very specific reason.  Gavin – the lead male figure in Inhale is the lead singer of a band in this book called Just Breath.  For some reason Just Breath seemed… Read more »

Inhale by Kendall Grey

“Strangers in reality, inseparable in dreams… After years of suffocating under her boss’s scrutiny, whale biologist Zoe Morgan finally lands a job as director of a tagging project in Hervey Bay, Australia. Success Down Under all but guarantees her the promotion of a lifetime, and Zoe won’t let anything—or anyone—stand in her way. Not the whale voices she suddenly hears in her head, not the ex who won’t take no for an answer, and especially not the gorgeous figment of… Read more »

Disruption – An Original Poem

Disruption    I close my eyes and take a breath your scent consumes my thoughts a phantom reality that no longer exists and yet you still remain those memories, a disruption  my current existence is wrought  everyday a subconscious battle to keep the images away happy and caustic emotions   both veering for front place  what feeling will I remember foremost currently the pain remains  and just like you it is  a disruption    Annie