Poetry & Blasts From the Past – A Random Thought

Sometimes I put random thoughts into blog posts so everyone has evidence of my weirdness.  In writing.   Here is one of those installments. I thought this was appropriate since..it is Friday the 13th *cue creepy music* So a strange thing happened to me the other day.  I am sure this has happened to most of you at some point.  A blast from my past showed up.  I don’t mean like a tiny blast either as in hand grenade.  This was epic proportions big…. Read more »

Redemption by Susannah Sandlin

   “Following a worldwide pandemic whose vaccine left human blood deadly to vampires, the vampire community is on the verge of starvation and panic. Some have fanned into rural areas, where the vaccine was less prevalent, and are taking unsuspecting humans as blood slaves. Others are simply starving, which for a vampire is worse than death—a raging hunger in a creature too weak to feed.             Immune to these struggles—at first—is Penton, a tiny community in rural Chambers County, Alabama,… Read more »

Silk Road by T.J. Michaels (Early Review)

“The first Descendant in millennia with the power to use an ancient artifact is being hunted. By the good, the bad…and the worst. Every rogue longs for a second chance, right? Wrong. Larien, former angel of The Host is not looking for redemption. What he needs hasn’t been seen in millennia but he’ll search the ends of the Earth to find it – from the hills of San Francisco all the way to…the Silk Road. Jayla Protegenu learned as a… Read more »

The Unholy by Heather Graham

The Unholy is Krewe of Hunter’s #6 “A Hollywood shrine hides unholy deeds  The 1940s: Hard-boiled detectives and femmes fatale are box-office gold. In one iconic scene, set in a deserted museum, the private eye arrives too late, and the buxom beauty is throttled by an ominous Egyptian priest.  Now: The Black Box Cinema immortalizes Hollywood’s Golden Age in its gallery of film noir tributes. But the mannequin of that Egyptian priest is hardly lifeless. He walks-and a young starlet dies… Read more »

Magic Mike & Vintage Shopping Expedition

So Saturday was girls day.  The plan went something like this – Vintage Shopping in Dallas from 10-3, then  4 pm Magic Mike at the awesome Ipic theater (seriously mixed drinks, food, and recliners..need I say more?). Well Vintage shopping was a bust. For 2 reasons.  #1 If you are larger then a Medium you are fucked.  Basically everything is for small people so going vintage shopping when you are NOT a medium or smaller is almost impossible!  #2 apparently… Read more »