Demonically Tempted, by Stacey Kennedy

Demonically Tempted by Stacey Kennedy is Book 2 in the Frostbite series. Tess Jennings can see ghosts and her life has taken an unexpected path.  Tess is now employed by the Memphis Police Department for the Cold Case division and is in love with a ghost, Kipp McGowen.  Tess and Kipp are on their first case when the facts just do not add up and when the Lieutenant finds an FBI medium to help Tess out, things just get worse.  A… Read more »

Motor City Mage, by Cindy Spencer Pape

Motor City Mage by Cindy Spencer Pape is the 4th installment in the Urban Arcana Series. Des is investigating a demon created drug spilling onto the streets of Detroit.  His job for the League policing paranormal’s can be a dangerous one, but it is his life.  He has spent some time avoiding Lana.  She is strong, bold, feisty, and damn sexy and he has a hard time thinking right when she is around.  Of course, avoiding her fails and after they… Read more »

Royal Street Giveaway & Interview with Suzanne Johnson

Royal Street is the first book in the Sentinels of New Orleans series written by Suzanne Johnson and published by Tor.  To view my review and summary of this book you can see my earlier post or you can view the authors summary. Annie:  Suzanne, Thank you so much for stopping by Booked and Loaded!!  I am truly honored that you are my first interview on Booked and Loaded! Can you give us a brief description of who Suzanne Johnson is? Suzanne: Thanks for inviting me to… Read more »

What a day!

Wow yesterday was a wonderful and crazy day!!  Work was truly insane and I stayed almost 2 hours late and I am pretty sure the computer systems are conspiring against me, but that did not ruin my day.  Nope! Thanks to Suzanne Johnson I will be hosting my first Author Interview and Giveaway.  WHOOO HOOOO Suzanne Johnson’s first Sentinels of New Orleans book, Royal Street, is due to the hit the shelves Monday!  I am SO honored and excited. No,… Read more »

Royal Street, by Suzanne Johnson

Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson is the first book in the Sentinels of New Orleans series. Drusilla Jaco is a junior wizard sentinel for New Orleans.  Her mentor and Uncle, Gerald St. Simon is the current Sentinel of New Orleans.  While in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Gerald turns up missing and it becomes her duty under the Elders to protect the boundaries of the Beyond and our world.  New Orleans has just been hit by the most destructive presence our nation has experienced in current… Read more »