Don’t Judge a Book by it’s eBook Only Format!

DON’T DO IT!  I must admit that I was guilty of being an eBook snob.  What can I say?  I could blame it on ignorance.   I could blame the pressure of society – if the publishers don’t like it enough to print it – why should I bother?  I could blame TV – I mean seriously – don’t all the good shows come from books that are published in print.  I could blame and blame and blame, but for me… Read more »

Kindle the Fire in my Heart

Most of the time I only post reviews on the blog.  I have decided that needs to change.  Why not random thoughts I have?  There are many..seriously some of them are scary.  Yesterday one random thought involved Airport security and what would happen if you had one of those “lipstick toys” and forgot to take it out of your purse.  Could you image trying to explain why your lipstick had a battery?  I don’t know why I think these random… Read more »

Untouched, by Sara Humphreys

Untouched by Sara Humphreys is Book 2 in the Amoveo Legend Series. Kerry Smithson is a well-known model.  Her beauty is only shadowed by her “ice queen” reputation and a quirk everyone assumes is a germ phobia.  Kerry has used this to her advantage for years to hide the fact that when she touches people, she sees who they are truly inside coupled with crippling pain.  This has led her to lead a life of few relationships to speak of, and no relationship with… Read more »

Demonically Tempted, by Stacey Kennedy

Demonically Tempted by Stacey Kennedy is Book 2 in the Frostbite series. Tess Jennings can see ghosts and her life has taken an unexpected path.  Tess is now employed by the Memphis Police Department for the Cold Case division and is in love with a ghost, Kipp McGowen.  Tess and Kipp are on their first case when the facts just do not add up and when the Lieutenant finds an FBI medium to help Tess out, things just get worse.  A… Read more »

Motor City Mage, by Cindy Spencer Pape

Motor City Mage by Cindy Spencer Pape is the 4th installment in the Urban Arcana Series. Des is investigating a demon created drug spilling onto the streets of Detroit.  His job for the League policing paranormal’s can be a dangerous one, but it is his life.  He has spent some time avoiding Lana.  She is strong, bold, feisty, and damn sexy and he has a hard time thinking right when she is around.  Of course, avoiding her fails and after they… Read more »