A Perfect Blood, by Kim Harrison

A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison is the 10th book in The Hallows series. Rachel Cain thought she was a witch………….turns out she is a demon. To top that off she finds her life upside down trying to figure out if she should accept or continue to deny what and who she is.  Should she risk being called into the ever-after or embrace what she is?  This is her choice alone.  When a group of human extremists (HAPA) target Rachel to harvest… Read more »

Take Me For Longing, by Felice Fox

Take Me For Longing is a traditional romance and the first book in the American Heartstrings Trilogy by Felice Fox. If you follow this blog, or know me, you know that this is not my typical outlet.   However, I do love bluegrass and when I saw this was about a bluegrass musician I was intrigued!  So I set out to read Take Me For Longing. What can I say…I got sucked in like a bubble down the drain!  It was such… Read more »

Eye of the Tempest, by Nicole Peeler

Eye of the Tempest by Nicole Peeler stars Jane True, a half silkie.  Jane has a destiny that even she is unsure she is ready for.  Jane and and her friends are being led to fight a war.  A war bigger then even Jane herself can imagine.  When a powerful and ancient being, with the power to destroy half of the eastern sea board (and possibly the world), awakes Jane must use her gut and heart to decide what is… Read more »

A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang

In A Brush of Darkness Abby’s life has recently changed.  Dramatically.  With the recent loss of her    mother Abby somehow gets thrown into a whole new reality.  A world with doors to other worlds, beings, and where dreams can be reality.   Abby tries to be cautious when navigating this new reality, but it is hard to do with a gorgeous succubus who needs her help.    Abby begins to learn more about herself and what she is during her journey… Read more »

Third Grave Dead Ahead, by Darynda Jones

  Third Grave Dead Ahead is the third book of the Grave series. Charley Davidson is The Reaper.  Albeit, not your stereotypical kind.  Charley is a self employed PI           who works out of an office above her fathers bar.  Charley helps the local law enforcement solve cases    by working side by side with her uncle.  Charley has a slight advantage over other investigators.   She can communicate with the departed that have remained here. Charley’s… Read more »

Second Grave on the Right, Darynda Jones

  What do you get when you cross an unfiltered reaper with the son of Satan? Try Chemistry!   Ya-ah!!   The Second Grave on the Right is the second book in the Grave series by Darynda Jones.  Charley Davidson is The Reaper.   She is cute, perky, unfiltered, bright and shiny,  and has a serious caffeine addiction.  What?  Not what you pictured? Charley’s best friend, Cookie leads her on a search for her friend Mimi.  What they begin to unravel is something much… Read more »