Day: November 12, 2018

The Host by Stephenie Meyer Book Review: Prepare to Be Addicted

The Host by Stephenie Meyer Book Review: Prepare to Be Addicted

Stephenie Meyer is best known for her popular teen vampire series Twilight and by now we have all heard her name, the majority of us have rushed out to buy her any of her 5 books. The Host is her first novel aimed for adults and it does not disappoint as she crosses over into another realm.

A sci-fi thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat, just waiting to find out what happens next. Part thriller and part romance you will ultimately find yourself intrigued as you turn the pages of this mind capturing book. This is just one of those books you can not seem to get your hands to let go of and spend hours reading until you hit the last page.

The Host’s storyline is about the aliens, who years ago, have slowly taken over Earth in an effort to make it paradise. Cleaning it up and making it “perfect” but some of the humans want Earth as is and left alone. The aliens, considered Souls, make their home in a human host. taking over their mind and body.

Follow Melanie Stryder, who just will not submit her mind over to an alien called Wanderer. Melanie is desperately trying to fight off Wanderer from taking control, in the effort to find her brother and the man she so deeply loves. The story is narrated by both of them and highlights their fight for Melanie’s mind.

Now Wanderer controls Melanie’s body but within no time Wanderer starts to feel those very same feelings that is driving Melanie to fight so hard. Soon enough they set off to find the people that mean the world to Melanie, being careful not to receive any unwanted attention from the other Souls. In this case the Souls would find the other humans, too.

When Melanie and Wanda, Wanderer’s new name, finely find who they have been looking for there is an effort on the humans behalf to get along with the Soul they have learned to hate. Wanda is torn between her new feelings and her duty as a Soul, her struggle is an ongoing and difficult one. You will also have fun reading about the little love triangle but I will leave that one up to you to discover.

The one thing I am waiting for is the second one, I am hoping for another gripping, non-stop page turner like The Host, which leave an opening for another book, so I can only hope that is what Stephenie Meyer is going for.