Day: January 10, 2021

The Attic Bookstore In Englewood, CO Combines New Look with Old Themes

The Attic Bookstore In Englewood, CO Combines New Look with Old Themes

Where can you find coffee, good reading, a gothic atmosphere, and haunted artifacts, all in one place? At the Attic Bookstore’s new location, of course.

After four years in Washington Park, the Attic Bookstore has relocated to 200 W. Hampden Ave., in old Englewood. While the new store still sports the same friendly faces and welcoming coffee, the location offers many advantages over the old store, such as a parking lot for customers’ convenience. Also, with almost twice the square footage, Debbie Rosenzweig has room not only for more books, but also for the custom touches that make her new store unique.

Since its relocation, the Attic Bookstore has adopted a gothic horror theme, and has collected many novelties that reflect the theme. Shoppers should be prepared to face a full size “Death” that seems to watch you as you browse, a suit of armor standing guard, and a bevy of spooky objects lining the shelves, such as a baby alien in a jar and a haunted microscope from a psychiatric ward. Two rather large black cats, Edgar and Agatha, roam the store at will, completing the store’s otherworldliness.

Despite its gothic themes, Attic is continuing to sell books of all genres, including a selection of rare books. With its maze of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, private nooks, and unique chairs conveniently placed, the store has an inviting atmosphere. The children’s section features a castle entrance, child-sized furniture, a dollhouse inhabited by skeletons, and a selection of books to keep small readers content.

For more information about the store and events, visit, or call (303) 777-5352.…