About Me

1 – Bullet – Couldn’t finish it
2 – Bullets – Major flaws and really didn’t like it
3 – Bullets – Flaws & was just OK
4 – Really Enjoyed it!
5 – Perfect (a forever keeper)

~~ Rules & Info for Reviews~~
To request a review please use the email address below

1. In no way shape or form can I guarantee a good review. What can I say? I am a terrible liar and promise to only give my opinion on each book.

2. Authors: If you would like to send me an ebook or print book to review please contact me at bookedandloadedATgmail.com . Once the book is received I can give you a general time frame for when the review will be published on the blog.

3. I would like to keep the blog reviews narrowed to the following: Urban Fantasy, Sci Fi, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, Paranormal, and Horror. Erotica mixed in to one of the above is fine. =) I do NOT review YA or NA

4. I absolutely enjoy reading and reviewing self published, small-press, and Indie authors!

So. You want to know about me. Well I live upon a mountain top where fairies and giants roam. I listen to the sounds of dragon songs as I swing myself to sleep. I live in this land called La-La it’s where I prefer to stay. Come visit me sometime won’t you? When not at La-La I live in North Texas Surrounded by lots of country, many animals, lovely children and wonderful husband.

I am an avid reader and book obsessionist. I try to keep the reviews honest and to the point. My blog is focused on reviewing books wrote on anything paranormal including urban fantasy, sci-fi, romance, erotica, etc. I have a special place in my heart for humor and steampunk.

I love reading new authors!

Contact me via email at bookedandloaded(at)gmail(dot)com