How to Market to a Casino’s Visitors and Keep Them Coming Back


When you think of the casino, images of opulent rooms filled with flashing lights and gambling patrons fill your mind. But a casino is much more than the games on its floors and, to attract visitors and keep them coming back, marketers need to know a lot more about their target audience than simple demographic data.

For example, a casino’s marketing team may need to know that the women standing outside are in their late 20s and early 30s, college-educated, and have high-paying jobs. They may be on a business trip with an hour to kill before their next meeting or on a weekend getaway celebrating a bachelorette party. They might be there to win a big jackpot or they might not have any money at all and just want to relax in a luxurious atmosphere.

While a casino’s entertainment offerings, shopping centers, hotels and lighted fountains draw in the crowds, it’s the billions of dollars in profits raked in from gambling that keep casinos alive. From blackjack and poker to slot machines, roulette, craps, keno and more, the thrill of winning big or losing it all is what keeps gamblers coming back time and time again. While skill can help players improve their odds, all other games are strictly a matter of chance. The exception is video poker which allows players to use some skill in selecting the best cards to hold.